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Follow-up to my Love Affair with….

About a month ago I wrote about Amazon’s Dash Buttons, something I discovered on accident while looking for something else… shocker.  😉

I wrote about them here and said I’d report back with my thoughts, after ordering one to try…..

In my original post, I wondered, “Is this necessary? Will I give in to yet another convenience that may be perpetuating environmental irresponsibility, blatant consumerism, and the fast track to dystopia?”

In a word: No.

While I’m sure the convenience of such an item may be great for some, I (we) didn’t find the Dash Button to be oh-so-necessary. For starters, when it arrived, the Mr. had to program it, which took about…. 20 minutes – and he’s pretty tech savvy. During the set-up, he discovered that you have to set it using the Internet site, not the app, for all things to work properly.

Once set up and ready to use, we tested it:  He pushed the button and two days later, we had a package of water bottles at our front door. Simple.

But so is opening Amazon on your phone and ordering what you need. We didn’t find any significant difference in the process, since we typically have our phones close by when we’re in the house (presumably where one’s Dash Button would be, too).

Sooo…. while I continue to be fascinated (and appreciative) of Amazon’s ease of use, affordability, and convenience, I can’t say the Dash Button is a necessity.

landfill with two trucks

Ironically, within weeks of us testing out the button, my husband changed brands of water, rendering the button completely useless…. And, creating one more item for a landfill.  Pass.



  • paulabroome427

    Whoa! Thanks for the great reply. I just ordered five books… a penny each from Amazon…of course shipping is $3.99, but it’s still not bad and the books are in very good shape. Yeah, it’s great! 🙂

  • RobinLK

    That’s funny about the mail person. Ha! We always tell people we’re on a first-name basis with our UPS drivers (three that cover our neighborhood). Sad, but true, really. We had a similar experience several years ago, during one of our moves before we bought our home. Being a teacher and a writer, my book collection is endless, as I know you know.

    One of the movers asked my husband, “Buddy, are you married to a teacher or something?!” My husband said, “Actually, yes.” The guy just shook his head and walked away. There were still well over 100 boxes to be moved…. at least 2/3 from my home office.

    Isn’t that crazy?? A button to order stuff? I know – I was surprised to discover it, too. Just couldn’t resist… had to try it out. As for eBay – I discovered it last year. OMG!! Ironically, I fell into the eBay rabbit hole during my writing slump. I began looking for vintage items I could use in my art… and … the rest is history, as they say. Yes, I’m a frequent flyer there, too. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by today… 🙂
    I use Amazon a lot for book reviews, too. I write them and read them often. When I was still in the classroom, I taught my high school students how to check reviews there when looking for a book. You would’ve thought I had introduced them to a pot of gold… it was funny.

  • paulabroome427

    OMG! I had no idea such a thing existed. Now that’s scary. Hmmm, I wonder if they’ll come up with author buttons…? You know, I want to order a book just out by RobinLK! Gaaaaa, just push the button and the new book shows up…what d’you think? Well, maybe not. 🙂 But it’s kinda cool idea.
    Hey, I’m totally with you on the Amazon crush. And for me, throw in Ebay! The lady who delivers our mail asked me a few months back…”What are these things?” She pointed to all the packages I was getting at that very moment. Some from Amazon, some from EBay.

    “Books,” I said.

    She looked at me as if she had suddenly experienced hearing loss. Her expression did not change. “Books,” she repeated.

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Well, awl rite.” She stared ahead. “You read em all?”

    It was a question that we readers/writers hear often.

    “Every one.” I lied.

    “Well, awl rite.” And she sped off.

    Amazon is a source of miracles for me, especially when it comes to books. I utilize Amazon and EBay in concert. When I find a book on EBay that looks interesting, and I don’t know anything about it, I jump over to Amazon to see if there are any reviews or info on the author. For info, Amazon zooms me over to Wikipedia. The whole e-universe is amazing. And now buttons…

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