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COVID-19 and Staying Connected

How did we get to this strange and unfamiliar place in our history? I remember reading about pandemics in high school in the early ’80s. It was a vague concept in which a lot of people got sick and died. During those times, the sickness took over. Now here we are.

2020. By all accounts, the numbers of death and sick are rising daily. How do we wrap our heads around that fact? That in 2020, we do not have the supplies and medicines to protect lives. How do we stay connected in this time of ‘social distancing’? Will this new focus on our homes and families change how we live, going forward, or will we revert back to our old ways as soon as ‘the coast is clear’? I wonder about these things.

Me? I love being home. I’m an introvert. But… I’m connecting with folks virtually through art and writing workshops I’m hosting (or attending). Why? Because humans thrive on connections, so we will enjoy Wordplay Wednesdays and Mixed Media Fridays in an effort to stay connected as we ‘make and shelter’ in place. And who doesn’t want to play with words + colors??

I’m also connecting with neighbors as we smile and wave when out for a walk – at a safe distance, of course. In the past two weeks, I’ve seen more families out riding bikes together in our neighborhood than I have in the two years we’ve lived here. It makes my heart smile to see the subtle shifts in behaviors. Or, maybe not so subtle.. Maybe it’s the thinking that’s subtle as we adjust to our new norms during these trying times.

I wish you and your family safe and healthy outcomes and hope to see you online in our first-ever virtual Creative Play A-Z sessions this month – all for free – my gift to you, friend. Studios subscribers are invited to join us as we explore words + colors with others… from the safety of our homes.

images from RobinLK Studios and virtual art and writing workshop announcement
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