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ABCs of Lately

ps….I know you are super busy, but I am missing your blog posts!!!!!

That was the message I got from a friend this week.  AH, thank you for the kick in the (writing) butt!

Like the workout buddy who says, “Hey! Where you been lately?” my writing/teaching friend reminded me that I need to get back in the game – soon.  My guilt was confronted by her innocent comment.

Isn’t it funny how lately can be filled with so many things? I got to thinking about my ‘lately,’ and decided to list a few reasons for my absence – for a little writing fun – and to see if I can justify my time away from writing.  (I’m on record to say, “Probably not!”)  Just like exercise, either you do it, or you don’t. No excuses, right?  Here goes…

A:    Assessment:   4th quarter in Florida high schools is dedicated to summative assessment:  EOC, FAIR, PERT, FCAT, ACT, SAT, final exams, certification exams, all designed to  determine what students have learned, but really, leading to assessment overload for everyone involved.  Brain. Fried.

B:   BirchBox:  Have been checking them out – ordering, testing, and sharing.  Cute stuff, definitely for a younger demographic.

C:   CSS and HTML – online class to learn the basics.  Lots of time and detail needed for this one.  Interested? Here’s a resource that comes highly recommended.

D:   Dodge Ram – another item crossed off my Bucket List as I see 50 approaching!  My new monster truck requires lots of TLC.

E:    End of a school year – always a busy time for teachers, especially when seniors finish a week+ ahead of underclassmen. Requires detailed (and flexible) planning!

F:    Facebook – so easy to get distracted for a few … more … minutes … in which I find really funny stuff.  My other ‘F’ is related to the end of a school year – and is the real culprit – fatigue.  By March, I’m exhausted 24/7.  It’s the nature of teaching.  Teachers who truly engage in the classroom are soooo burned out by spring time that anything else seems superfluous, yet there’s still SO much to do before the final bell rings….

So, does my short list warrant my absence from writing and blogging?

What are your ABCs of lately?  Do you let anything get between you and your keyboard?  If not, could you throw some kick-in-the-butt reinforcement my way?

And for those about to suggest it, I was getting up at 4:00 every morning, to give myself 90 minutes of uninterrupted writing time… it was great! There’s nothing more inviting than quiet predawn hours and coffee….  except maybe the bed at 8:00 PM after such a loooong day!  😉

Balance? Searching.

Missing writing/blogging? Definitely!

It’s all about the process….
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