Does any of this sound familiar?

  • What do I want to do next? I’m not sure, but I know it’s not this.
  • 5-year plan? Ha! I don’t know what I’m doing next week….
  • I want to give back, make a difference, use my talents, gifts, and skills…
  • I have an idea….
  • I have NO idea…
  • I really need help getting ____________ done! (finishing that book, starting that Etsy shop, planning for early retirement…..)
  • I can’t let people know what I’m really passionate about because….  
  • Heck, I don’t know what I’m passionate about!
  • When is the right time to take The Leap?
  • How do I leap (and still pay the bills)?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • I can’t leap because….


I’m entering a new season in life and want to pursue new creative hobbies, take time for me, and make stuff(!)

Maybe you’re a Stay At Home Mom (or Dad) wanting to start your business.

Maybe you’re retired. Or resigning (possibly unexpectedly) because you cannot do it anymore.

Maybe you lost your job in unprecedented 2020 (and realizing that wasn’t a bad thing)…..

I’m betting you want to live life on your own terms…..

COVID-19 has changed many people’s perspectives about how, where, and when to work…. and live.

Maybe there’s something you yearn to do, but you stay where you are because you feel trapped, uncertain, scared.

Or something soul satisfying is what you’re after – a balance to work and All The Commitments… time for you… time to learn, unwind, reflect….

Creative respite from a noisy world.

That sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it??

There was something I wanted ten years ago in 2011, and I now understand that what happened to me then was leading me to today – teaching & supporting women ready for change or seeking time and space to grow personally.

Here’s my story and how it might help you…

My journey began in 2011.

I wanted to leave my 17-year career in public Education to become a self-employed business owner. I discovered blogging in 2009 and in 2010 began reading everything I could about business. I was – and still am – passionate about learning as a process and teaching as a process (different processes but intimately intertwined). I wanted to teach, train, and coach through my own business, serving students by supporting fellow educators.

By most standards, I was successful in my career. I’d served honorably in the U.S. Navy, earned multiple college degrees, and had worked in public Education as a classroom teacher, resource teacher/mentor to fellow educators, and a district + state-level professional development creator/facilitator.

But despite a solid career path, I was bored and frustrated. By then in my early 40s, I knew working for someone else’s agenda and on their schedule did not suit my personality or my future career goals.

Until I felt fulfilled (again), I could not fully serve others. I felt defeated and stuck. I dreaded going to work. I counted the hours ’til Friday afternoon. I cried every Sunday night.

Do you know this feeling?

What are you passionate about and wish you could pursue?
Would you serve others?
Would you serve yourself through much-needed self care?

Are you bored? Frustrated? Angry? Sad?

Maybe you need to serve YOU… take care of yourself for a change. Love yourself with grace and mercy.

No matter who you’d like to serve – others or yourself, the message becomes clear. Eventually. We get up one day and there it is, like a GIANT neon sign:

What are you doing here? This is NOT the right fit anymore!

Or, a quiet voice whispers to us each day…. softly but insistently…

What are you doing here? This is not the right fit anymore…..

So what makes us listen? What makes us take action? What life-defining, stop-in-your-tracks thing must happen for you to finally take action? My own answer was still a few years away….

Up to that point, I had taught middle school through college students while creating & providing training for 1,000’s of fellow educators. It seemed I had the skills and experience. On paper, I was doin’ great!

I thought I was ready.

But I wasn’t.

Despite my professional training and skills, something was still missing. Turns out….

I lacked the self-confidence (and other skills, I’d later realize) to make the leap.

I would’ve told you then that I lacked resources, too.

But truth is – if I had had the confidence and understood the power in resources, I would have figured out how to find them! But I didn’t.

Instead, I gave up.

Cry-and-scream-in-your-pillow kind of ‘gave up.’

And so my journey unfolded with speedbumps and detours. But it’s 2021 and I’m here to share with confidence and conviction…

Life on your terms is 100% possible.

You get to decide.

Want to read how this twist-and-turn Life Story got me to today??

Scroll over the image to see how my ten-year journey unfolded and how it might help you…

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