Hey, there! You know, I can hear YOU right now. For many, it sounds like this:

What do I want to do next?
I’m not sure, but I know it’s not this.
I want to give back, make a difference, use my talents, gifts, and skills…
When is the right time to take The Leap?
How do I take the leap?
What if it doesn’t work out?
I can’t leap because….
I can’t leave because….
Why don’t I ever do what I dream of?
I really need help getting ________ done!
I can’t let people know what I’m really passionate about because….  

Do you work in a job or career you want to leave, but you feel trapped? You feel like you have to stay because of finances, or because your family and friends don’t support your decision, or you don’t have the skills to do The Thing you really want to do, or you don’t feel confident to make the leap. Or, you aren’t sure what The Thing is yet…. ??? Dang, that’s frustrating, isn’t it?? Maybe you’re a Stay At Home Mom anxious to start your business. Maybe you’re retired. Maybe there’s something you yearn to do, but….

You stay where you are. You don’t do.

You. Feel. Trapped.

I get it. I was there, too.

Maybe you need to heal. Maybe you need to grow personally. Or professionally. Or both. We all have something we need to tackle. What’s yours?

I’m convinced what happened to me the past nine years was leading to today – to me supporting women like us – and girls 10 – 17, who are ready to discover clarity. Let’s use the Creative Process.

Here’s my story and how it can help you…

In 2011, I wanted to leave Education as a profession and become a small business owner.

I began blogging in 2009 and by 2010, was reading every business book I could. I was (and still am to this day) passionate about learning as a process and teaching as a process. I wanted to provide training to teachers.

By all accounts, I was successful in my current career choice: 4 years in the Navy, earned multiple college degrees, and worked in Education for 14 years – as a classroom teacher/resource teacher/mentor. I had also obtained many credentials within teacher training (I didn’t go to ‘teacher school’).

Despite a solid career path, I was frankly, bored. And frustrated. I had matured enough to know working for someone else’s agenda and on their schedule did not suit my personality or my future career goals.

During those 14 years, as I taught middle, high school, and college-level students, I also created and facilitated training for 1,000’s of fellow educators and administrators – at the school, regional, and state levels. I felt ready. And most who knew me would’ve agreed:

Robin’s got skills and confidence. She’s ready.

But I wasn’t. While I had developed lots of skills, I was missing the most important ingredient for my new goals and desired success.

I was organized, knowledgeable, could create and curate, present and facilitate. I required no supervision. I was ambitious, a self-starter, passionate about what I believed in, and comfortable solving problems. I created a business name, created a business plan (sort of??), filed the paperwork to make it legit. I was ready. But it turns out – I wasn’t ready because the one thing I most needed, I didn’t have.

I lacked the self-confidence to make the leap.

I would’ve also told you then that I lacked resources. But truth is – if I had had the confidence, I would’ve found the resources, because I am – by nature – resourceful.

But I didn’t.

I didn’t leap.

I didn’t take the chance.

I didn’t map out a plan (completely) and abandoned the plan I had started.

I gave up.

Turns out, without confidence and someone to guide me through the process of figuring out my what, why and how to get where I wanted to go, I was paralyzed by fear. I needed guidance and had none.

I’m still in Education 9 years later and returned to the classroom to teach high school students for 4 years. In the fourth year of my return to high school, five words changed everything: Sisters, I found a lump. It was a simple text message that was anything but simple.

Our youngest sister’s diagnosis rocked our world. Aggressive breast cancer. Mom of three. 34 years old. Everything was wrong with this picture.

It was late 2014 and I wanted to leave the classroom for the final time. I needed to cope, but wasn’t. Life at home was challenging. Overwhelmed, exhausted, angry and depressed, my writing voice fell silent and I stumbled into mixed-media art. I didn’t know how to help our baby sister. I didn’t know (yet) how to help myself.

Then, I discovered art could be a healing tool – giving me space to feel and focus – and not asking anything of me in return.

In 2015, I established RobinLK Studios, my home-based studios to make inspirational art and eventually, teach women how to find their creative space to heal and/or grow, too.

While I was discovering art and its influence on my writing, I left the classroom but stayed in Education, becoming an Instructional Coach and Lead Mentor on a technical college campus, working with men and women transitioning from their first-chosen profession (often for 30+ years) into teaching. I still work there today, supporting fellow educators through mentoring, coaching, and teaching.

This has required me to deepen my coaching practice as I guide, support, and teach fellow educators-in-training and prepared me for my new role in working with women and girls. We talk about:

  • life changes
  • expectations vs. reality
  • the struggles that come with making a HUGE life shift

I’ve continued to make art and began creative art journaling in 2018. Through the Creative Process, I figured out what matters to me, why it’s important to me to achieve my goals, and how to achieve them. Most importantly, I learned what was holding me back and what I had to learn to reach my goals.

In 2019, I made a commitment to finding the resources and learning what I needed to know so I could develop my skills and my confidence. Since then, I’ve logged 2,000+ hours that helped me address four areas I identified as the limits to my growth:

  • lack of business knowledge
  • lack of financial discipline
  • lack of confidence
  • lack of clarity

It’s 2020 and I’m teaching women like you and me the process I went through to gain clarity and confidence to follow your heart, fill your gaps, and reach your goals.

I’m teaching you how to do The Thing you most want to do. Creatively.

orange-red art with a quote
What do you still want to achieve?

Imagine if you had answers to these questions….. and you were ready to do the work. Are you ready?

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How do I get there?

If you’re still reading, I’m guessing something resonates with you. Awesome! It’s time to get started. Don’t waste another minute. I’ve already done that for the both of us!


  • creative mini courses  mixed-media art | creative writing | creative journaling
  • real-world, need-to-know courses designed to support adult learners (think: back to school, job upgrade)
  • business-focused courses designed for women starting or growing a new business venture
  • academic support for teen and tween girls

Online Courses. Coaching. Classes. Workshops. Retreats.

Learning, Creatively

What are you struggling with today? What do you want to learn for fun today? Don’t wait. Let’s find what you need and make it happen….. today!

Robin Le Roy-Kyle selfie

Hi, I’m Robin Le Roy-Kyle – RobinLK for short -a coffee-drinking, question-asking educator and U.S. Navy veteran who stumbled into mixed-media art in 2015 and never looked back. I write original stories – almost always from “found words,” ask lots of questions – because I’m as curious as a five-year-old – and have never met a mess I didn’t like (also like a five-year-old??). They just seem to find me!

I established RobinLK Studios in 2015 after discovering the quiet but mighty power of words and colors, often blended with textures, layers, and marks. What I do is neither formal nor fancy… neither complicated nor complex… just approachable words and colors on a page… or a box, a canvas, a board….. whatever I can find. Vintage books are my favorite!

As an educator and coach, I’ve served students and peers for 25+ years – teaching and nurturing by asking questions. I’ve used writing for 30+ years – both personally and professionally – to teach, inform, and make a difference in the world. To tell stories and encourage others to tell theirs. I continue to teach, train, and coach academically. 

As a creativity facilitator, I teach and coach women and girls how to use the Creative Process to tap into their own wishes, dreams, goals, strengths and struggles. 

As a self-taught mixed-media artist, when I’m not teaching or training I spend many quiet hours in my Central Florida studios, creating original art and handcrafted journals designed to inspire and empower. Often, my creative style spills over into my online writing and online course development, too – as I build content and training/professional development materials.

Wishing you creative curiosity and soul-smiling messiness,

signature Robin

Featured: Stampington’s Art Journaling magazine, Summer 2020 issue!