Robin is a lifelong learner, seasoned educator, writer, artist, and US Navy veteran. She writes and creates to quiet her noisy mind while trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. Some days, it's clear... other days, not so much!

  • Life

    Enchanting Details, Often Overlooked…

    woman's face up close nose

    Details in Art, Writing, and Life Do you ever notice details in something you’ve seen many times, but one day you notice something… different? The details seem fresh, new…. enchanting, really. And you wonder: How did I miss them until now? As a writer, I’m pretty tuned in to details.…

  • Creative Curiosity

    A Mixed-Media Face in 18 Ingredients

    art studio worktable with supplies for making a face

    I was asked recently during a Mixed-Media Faces How-to virtual workshop, “Okay, so we made a basic face with our pencil, but how do we make it ‘mixed media’?” Great question! Answer:  Add everything you want and then a bit more… Really! And so we did. From floral repurposed paper…

  • Writing

    They’re Back!

    scrap art paper with found words added

      The voices, that is. Finally!   A note…. I started this post February 7, 2016, but never shared it. Not sure why not(?), but here it is…. celebrating the return of the voices in my head. What an awesome feeling it was!   Feb 2016:  If you’ve followed this…

  • Life

    COVID-19: Connecting Despite the Disconnections

    mixed media face with a mask

    How did we get to this strange and unfamiliar place in our history? I remember reading about pandemics in high school in the early ’80s. It was a vague concept in which a lot of people got sick and died. During those times, the sickness took over. Pharmaceuticals were limited.…