Life Planning. Goal Setting. Getting.

Ready to do more than "wish for" your best life? 

Not-So-Much/Oh, Yeah! A Twelve-Month Step-by-Step Starter Guide to a Focused You

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Imagine living life on your terms. Imagine 4 simple steps. Imagine purposeful questions. Imagine dedicated space to figure things out, tackle challenges, & celebrate wins. Your goals deserve your attention. It's time to focus in this noisy world. Ready? Let's. Begin. 

My journey to 'get my goals' took ten years. Don't let your wishes and dreams wait that long! I created this Starter Guide - part planner, part coaching journal - all focused - to help you tackle what's in the way of 'getting' your goals. Yes, you can! I'm cheering you on.

                                                   All my best,                                                    Robin Le Roy-Kyle                                                    Owner/RobinLK Studios                                                   where words + colors guide the process                                                      learning creatively/crushing success
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