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Being Strong…{Monday Motivation}

I have two sisters who constantly amaze me.  I loved them when we were kids, but I love them even more as I watch them with their own kids.  This weekend, our youngest sister, whom I refer to as Baby Sister, was once again challenged as her oldest son suffered a major accident on the baseball field when he collided with a teammate. Fortunately, our middle sister was there, too, a dedicated baseball mom herself and an active member of a large Little League baseball community.

Little League teams crowded the fields and rest areas for a weekend of tournament play. The accident traumatized many.

While out of town to attend another nephew’s graduation party, we received the call late Saturday evening as B was being airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, a 45-minute drive from their home, a ride his mom had to make because she could not travel in the helicopter.

For those who’ve followed the blog a while, you know Baby Sister has dealt with incredibly difficult challenges in recent months, as she endured breast cancer.  Her children, significant other, family, and friends rallied around her as she told us daily, “I got this!” Here we are, two short months after her own surgery, and she’s walking, stoically, with the EMT team and her son on a cot, off the baseball field.

I could only wonder as I learned the news, “What more can she endure?”  True to form, Baby Sister stayed strong for her first-born.


With many thanks to the talented Arnold Palmer team and the many, many prayers of friends, family, teammates, and even strangers, our nephew is doing well, but has a very long road to endure toward a full recovery.

Inner strength is a powerful force. May we always find ours, especially in our darkest hours….

Happy Monday.



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