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    Help Readers Read: Banish Boredom!

    Five years into my teaching career, I decided to move from English Language Arts to Reading, specifically. I began working on my Master’s in Reading Education, and while I learned a lot, my biggest A-ha! came not from the volumes of textbooks read or the 1,000s of words written. No, my biggest lesson came from my students. “Reading is boring!” they said. “What??”  There was no hiding my surprise … or confusion! “What do you mean, ‘Reading is boring?'”  I wanted to ask, “Have you lost your minds?” but I had been teaching long enough to know that was not an appropriate question –  at least not in that tone. Turns out, reading comes down to two…

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    Week in the Rear View1

    Earlier this weekend, I read Tara’s weekly Week in Review over at The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh! and got to thinking about ways to share some of the events that make up my own ‘life process’ in a week’s time. There are always so many things happening in our lives that influence everything else, and sometimes – at least for me – slowing down to reflect on how they’re related, takes a backseat to the effects they cause.  When I asked if she minded if I borrow her format, I’m sure it seemed like a newbie question to Tara, but it was more to say, “Hey, I like the style…

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    Caution: Curve(s) Ahead

    How do you feel when faced with a new Learning Curve? Excited? Overwhelmed? Motivated? Exhausted? Hopeful? Is it more like an uphill climb or a long road laid out ahead of you? For me, it’s a combination of any of these at any time, and sometimes a euphoric blend of all, at the same time. Mind-numbing. Returning to WordPress (origination date: 2009), migrating my blogs [this one and the Turtles] back over from another blogging platform (where simple style was the norm), and visiting fellow WP bloggers’ work, I feel a Learning Curve kicking in. Today, a week after returning to WP, I took some time to explore blogs.  Fellow WP bloggers, your work is beautiful, especially the photographs! I feel I’m in the…

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    Cheers for Process AND Simplicity

    I love it when working the process ends with a positive result, don’t you? I also love customer-centric business sense:  Make it user-friendly.  Keep it simple. This Week’s Process:  Question confounded me.  Process began.  Struggled, walked away, pondered, came back, tinkered awhile, struggled some more, walked away (again), and finally….. got it! Backstory:  I began blogging in 2009, trying out WordPress and Blogger.  I  started with WP, selecting a title and exploring the dashboard, but found it too advanced for my newbie technical skills (read: nearly none!).  I moved over to Blogger, a simple place to hone my technical and writing skills. Check out my first post ‘ever’ [here]. Blog posts included the ups and downs of running, eating healthfully, positivity, and eventually, professional stuff (added in 2010).  Result?  Big ‘professional…

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    If Only I Knew

    Death. A dreadful event. “Why did it happen?” they asked yesterday. If only I knew. Navigating daily twists and turns with teens broadens my perspective, tickles my funny bone, sharpens details often overlooked in a chaotic adult world, but in the never-ending ‘tragedies’ teens create, death – a real tragedy – brings pause. And confusion. “Why did it happen?” they ask. And in that brief pause, the air heavy with sorrow, I have no answers for these young people who’ve come to expect reasonable reasons and enlightened explanations. If only I knew ….  is all I can muster. Death. A dreadful event. R.I.P.  Axel and Cameron.