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Caution: Curve(s) Ahead

How do you feel when faced with a new Learning Curve?

Excited? Overwhelmed? Motivated? Exhausted? Hopeful?

NC Road

Is it more like an uphill climb or a long road laid out ahead of you?

For me, it’s a combination of any of these at any time, and sometimes a euphoric blend of all, at the same time. Mind-numbing.

Returning to WordPress (origination date: 2009), migrating my blogs [this one and the Turtles] back over from another blogging platform (where simple style was the norm), and visiting fellow WP bloggers’ work, I feel a Learning Curve kicking in.

Today, a week after returning to WP, I took some time to explore blogs.  Fellow WP bloggers, your work is beautiful, especially the photographs! I feel I’m in the ‘right company,’ yet I don’t feel I’m quite there yet. Still working on my party dress ;-).  I am, however, ready to learn by example and create equally beautiful, evocative, emotional, informative, and soul-stirring posts — housed in beautiful themes and creative customization.  I look forward to learning from each of you and offering something of value in return.

Process is incredibly important to me. It’s been the foundation of my instructional philosophy for twenty years, working with middle school students to college students, and many peers in my field.  Knowing why and how I’m doing something is as equally important to me as knowing the what that I’m supposed to be doing.  Yes, I was the kid who always asked, “Why?” from the time I began to talk, according to my mother.  Then the question became ‘how’ as I wanted to know more about everything.  I’m naturally curious.

So here I am, in 2014, back on WordPress and admiring all the beautiful work out there. I’m up for the challenge, embracing the learning curve, and ready to share my process with you —  here as a seasoned educator and blooming writer, and over at the Turtles blog, as a mindful runner finding her way to the finish line.

Thanks for dropping by!

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