• Are you going through (or heading for) changes and your head & heart are full of questions?
  • Need clarity about decisions? 
  • Unsure about choices?
  • Do you get stuck in self-doubt?
  • Do you procrastinate?
  • Are there never enough hours to Get It All Done?  
  • Do you know what you want to accomplish?
  • Maybe you know what, but you’re not sure how
  • Want to brainstorm ideas in a safe online group with other women in the same “life space”?
  • Want to brainstorm ideas online/remotely with a personal coach?
  • Would accountability get you moving or help you focus? 
  • How do these ‘life’ areas feel these days for you?  career; financial; spiritual; physical; intellectual; family; social
Coaching is you taking care of you ~ your heart, your soul, your happiness.

A coach is not a….

  • fixer
  • counselor
  • therapist
  • medical or psychological professional

Instead, a coach….

  • provides ‘safe space’ that is impartial and nonjudgmental
  • listens
  • encourages
  • nurtures
  • teaches
  • empowers
  • guides
  • ‘cheerleads’
  • facilitates
Your coach asks The Right Questions. A personal coach is not a luxury. She is a necessary part of who you are, who you’re leaving behind, and who you’re becoming.

Her job is to listen.

Your job is to show up.

First things first. We’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.         

After our discovery call, we’ll do one of two things:

1.  Decide ours isn’t the right fit – either I don’t offer what you’re looking for or you realize now isn’t the right time in your life.                               

It’s important for us to know if we’re both ready or not for the work ahead, if we’re in this together or if it’s going to be a lopsided relationship.  Because here’s the thing – if it isn’t the right time for you to commit to the work involved, you’ll get frustrated and think, “I wasted my money and Robin isn’t doing a thing for me!

And THAT’S the last thing I want to have happen.

Remember – our coach’s role is to guide and help us clarify by asking the right questions. It’s up to us to show up and do the work.       

2.  Decide we’re a good fit and get started. (Awesome!)

In this case, we’re both ‘100% in’ and know we have work to do. Goals to clarify. Challenges to identify. Resources to find. Learning to do. A road map to plan and follow to the Finish Line.       


Once we’re both ‘in’ and committed to this relationship, here’s what you can expect:

-> Two monthly one-to-one 30-minute sessions via Zoom

During our Zoom calls, our game plan will be “AAA” (Awesome Accountability + Action).

  • talk about what’s working and what’s not toward your goal      
  • talk about what steps you’ve taken toward your goal – and what steps you haven’t – and most importantly, why not           
  • identify your Next Steps (homework and goal for next meeting)  

Heads-up: You can expect lots of questions during our coaching time! 

My former students and the many fellow educators I’ve mentored and coached over the years will tell you:  “Robin does not let up on the questions. She asks lots of them – all the time – and waits for your answer. Slipping by is not an option when you work with Robin.

Often, it’s been the folks who don’t want to take time to think about and answer questions that fail – or struggle – until they lean into the questions and begin figuring out answers that make sense for them.

-> Monthly Action Plan between our Zoom sessions. Your homework will be to:

  • Identify (and use!) the resources that help you reach your goal, overcome your challenges, and/or help you build and revise your Action Plan           
  • Work on your current project if you have one
  • Develop a project if it’s part of your plan
  • Learn the skills and/or strategies we’ve identified you need in order to be your version of successful
  • Prepare your questions for our next meeting
  • Attend each meeting – rescheduling will be tough
  • Keep a journal or notebook during our time working together (great place for your questions, right?)
  • Be open to adjustments, challenges, and new ideas – because they all happen as we grow and work toward our goals

You might be thinking, What makes Robin qualified to be my ‘insight’ coach?

Great question!

I’ve been coaching and mentoring teenagers and adults for 20+ years and have earned two coaching credentials in my pursuit to be as effective as possible in my coaching role. Asking the Right Questions and Listening are my superpowers and the keys to our success.

Disclaimer (GREAT to know info!) before we start our coaching relationship, because I don’t want either of us to wander in starry-eyed and unclear…. 😉

In addition to 20 years coaching/mentoring experience, 25+ years teaching experience, multiple coaching credentials, and military training, I bring one more piece to my coaching that sets my ‘fans’ from my ‘not-so-fans’ apart:

I’m unabashedly straightforward.

It’s true. And I make no apologies about this. I’m a no-nonsense, you-can-whine-and-cry-for-a-minute-then-get-over-it sort of gal. Truth – I’m the biggest cry-baby you’ll meet, so when the tears are flowing, I’m probably knee-deep in it with you. For a minute.

Then, it’s time to move forward. Put on your big girl pants. Make a plan. And do the damn thing. I’ll be there with you. But you MUST do what you wish for. Plan for. Work for. Period.

Women and girls who who can handle my swift-kick-in-the-pants-followed-by-a-big-hug style (even virtually… you’ll feel it) or the What were you thinking?? face LOVE working with me. I know because they tell me! They appreciate my approach and know that together, we WILL get the results.

But for those who prefer a softer approach and aren’t keen on ‘straightforward,’ it’s a bit messy and awkward.

Soooo….. the choice is yours. If you’re serious about figuring out what you want, why you want it, how the heck you’re going to get it, you can handle REAL, and you’re ready to do the work, then I’m your gal.

If you prefer a softer approach or someone who doesn’t ask you to be accountable because you know, you’re busy – then I one hundred percent get it. You’ll find the perfect fit in another coach and I’ll say Thanks for taking time to read this page and consider the commitment you’d be making.

If you’re still with me and thinking, This gal is my kinda gal! Then, let’s do this!

To get started, let’s schedule a free 30-minute discovery chat via Zoom to see if we’re a good fit and if now is the right time in your life for coaching.   
  • Take a minute to fill out the form below.
  • In the Message box, tell me:
  • What you feel your biggest roadblock is right now
  • Which Days/times in EDT (Florida) that might work for you for short Zoom chat  

I can’t wait to get started!

Ready to take care of you? Take the first step. I’m with you. You’ve got this. 
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