“Pretty Things” delivered right to your door

It’s all about the process…

Hi! Glad you dropped by! Welcome to my coastal Florida home-based studios & busy Etsy shop. Come on in. It’s a messy, soulful sorta place.

Production: Monday – Friday, production hums along with strong coffee and copious amounts of art and writing supplies filling every surface. Words + Colors take center stage as new projects develop, new journaling supplies are bundled, and new writing resources (and groups) emerge. It’s a happy, busy place for sure!

Fulfillment & Shipping: Cute pink packages are stacked and ready to be shipped to U.S. mailboxes.

water jar and glass coffee cup

We believe in work-life balance! The studios are closed Sat-Sun and U.S. holidays for time with family, time to rest & rejuvenate, work on new ideas, and play.

Shopping: Though production rests, shopping is open 24/7!

Insider’s tip: The busiest days in my shop are Thursday – Sunday most weeks. Regular Etsy shoppers set their notifications to ON to know when new inventory is available. Many also reach out on Instagram when they see a new favorite on my art table. “Dibs” gets called a lot! 😉 Most items are sold out by Sunday afternoon.

Think of your favorite mom & pop restaurant running out of your favorite dish… It’s like that!

I’m a small-batch creator (1 – 3 of any item) and 99% of my inventory is handcrafted. When things are gone, they’re gone. Best part? The next restock offers something a little different.🙂

Stop by. See what’s making people smile. And… find your own favorites. Choose from original curated journaling supplies, handcrafted journals, whimsical art, and gifts for writers and readers.