Excellence 163: Tom Peters, S = f(#TY, #TNT)

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What is excellence?

Is it showing up every day, on time, and ready to do what’s asked?
Is it having passion for every project you’re working on?
Is it seeing everything you do as a ‘project’?
Is it doing what you believe in, No Matter What?
How do you define excellence? 
Starting with mention of the Two-Cent Candy Phenomenon in his book, The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence, Tom Peters, business guru (and avid tweeter), shares his thoughts on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of excellence, in his usual unabashed style.  Not one for mincing words, Tom gives it to you straight ~ you’re either totally engaged or you’re doing nothin’ (my paraphrase of an otherwise highly charged, in-your-face message,though thoroughly convincing, easy-to-‘get,’ maybe… obvious). *wink*  
Tom’s principles are so oddly familiar to me that I often feel as I’m reading his words that we’re somehow cosmically connected. (Cue the music!) *if i can claim 1/10 his understanding of people, i’d be feeling good!  
  • He believes in telling a story, in fact wrapping presentations around stories.
  • He believes an excellent presentation requires customization for every, single audience he speaks to. 
  • He even talks about his wife titling his gazillion interests (“the stuff he runs into and cares like hell about …for a year or two or 20”) as “Tom’s passions,” something I suspect my husband could completely relate to! 
  • Tom believes in manners first and foremost.
  • Being thankful. Showing gratitude.
  • To Everyone.
 He writes in BIG, bold words to make a point.  And uses lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He uses the word ‘stuff’… a LOT to describe concepts, ideas, and well… stuff. 
Thank you, Tom, for making those of us bursting with passion and expression OKAY with writing unconventionally.  For what is convention, after all?  
Pay attention to The Basic Stuff.  
Put people first.
The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCEI’m only half-way through Tom’s 163 ways to pursue excellence, in a Special Section titled You, Me, and Charlie Wilson’s War.  Or, some might call it #83 1/2.  Either way, I’ve found so much in the thick, orange book that speaks to my core beliefs that I even bought a copy for my senior boss in my daytime life.  She believes in excellence, too, and Tom helps us connect the dots just a little bit more. 
Mr. Peters, you had me at “ …. ‘the stuff that matters’ is the likes of intensive and engaged listening and showing appreciation of the work and wisdom of others, any and all others.” (p. xxvi)

Brilliant.  Simply brilliant.
Thank you.

S = f(#TY, #TNT)
Many… including you! 

Want to hear Tom read some of the sections? I found links this week at  [here].

What does excellence look/sound like in your world?
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