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Yessss! You ARE here! Thanks for dropping by. I’m so glad you did. There’s so much goodness in knowing how creativity heals the heart, renews the spirit, and helps the soul sing.

Being creative is necessary. Discovering free resources is bonus.

Sometimes, we just need a little something that inspires us – a short How-to video that leads to our “Oooohhhh!” moment (I’ve had a lot of those!), a snippet of art that inspires us to try something new or look at something differently, or a quote that changes our perspective….

In my five years since I discovered mixed media art, I’ve enjoyed many video clips, classes, and a few pieces of happy mail from fellow Creatives… each inspiring me to learn something new, deepen my understanding, and steer the direction of my creative process. To be sure, I’ve paid a TON of money to learn new things, which has made me appreciate the ‘freebies’ that much more.

So, here you go… my gifts to you. I hope you find the joy and pleasure that come from art and writing… using words + colors to guide your process. And as my little box of digital treasures grows, I look forward to sharing a few here and offering many more over in my Etsy shop for oh-so-affordable digital downloads or easy-to-ship art. Instant gratification or quick shipping… the choice is yours. A win-win, don’t you think??

Jump right in – grab a goody or two and watch a video clip as I add them. Or, if you’re working in a journal and thinking about a new one or cool supplies, check out one-of-a-kind handcrafted journals and curated journal supplies in my Etsy shop – guaranteed to bring a smile to you and your mailbox. 🙂

To grab your own printable, click a button below and print at home. Each is saved as a high-quality pdf, 8.5 x 11″ – ready for you to print, cut, glue, and enjoy. Note: The watermark will be present but not visible on your printed copy. 

Want more collage art papers for your own projects? You’ll find them in my Etsy shop: instantly downloadable and ready for your creative play. Enjoy!

How about a quick video to see my process? Here you go!

I’m often asked, “Robin, where do you get all those wonderful, tiny words?” I’m glad you asked! I select, cure, and cut each one by hand. It’s a long process, but a labor of love. Here’s a quick peek….
How to take a simply drawn face and turn it into beautiful mixed-media? Check out my process with 18 ingredients, including basic copy paper.

Looking for a little How-to or Group connections?

I’d love for you to join us for workshops, groups, coaching, and in 2021 – retreats. We’re currently meeting via Zoom and workshops are open to RobinLK Studios Insiders. How to become an Insider? Sign up for my VIP email + invites and twice-monthly newsletter. I share tips, quips, a little art and a little writing the second and fourth Sunday of the month….

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