Friday Five (Late!): Heard Around Town….

As a writer, I’m always zeroing on things I hear others say or things that are said directly to me.  They make me laugh. Often. Might just be my twisted sense of humor?? 

5 Things Heard this Week:

5.  “It’s like a roller coaster ride. Keep your hands under the drape.” (a cosmetology student describing what to say to a client)

4.   “I didn’t like you Monday, but you’re pretty nice after all.” (what a 6th grader said to me at the end of our third FCAT testing day)

3.   “Can I cut your hair??” (what a barbering student said to me as I entered the classroom… um, NO!)

2.   “Fake it. No matter what, even on your worst day.” (a cosmetology instructor reminding students about professionalism… good advice, I’d say!)

1.   “Pants, you vex me!” (@chrisbrogan on twitter…tweeting while trying to get dressed and catch a train in Oslo, Norway… apparently. Hope it all worked out!)

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