Friday Five: Sparking Creativity


Ready to get your creative mojo on??  

Brought to you by The Imagineers (as in Disney), here are 5 ways to bring it:

5.   Allow yourself to be a kid again and let the fun and fearlessness of childlike creativity set you free! (Kevin Rafferty)

4.   Avoid blank walls. Cover them with artwork, photographs, quotes, whatever fuels your fire ….   (Steve Spiegel)

3.   Try:  a stack of blank, multicolor index cards and… a few felt tip markers. Doodle. Think. Doodle. Pin those cards to a wall or storyboard and step back. (Steve Spiegel)

2.   Ask What if …. and listen for what comes next.  Everything is fair game. (Pam Fisher)

1.  Keep an open mind whenever something, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to fit. Listen to your gut. (Bruce Vaughn)

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What’s your favorite way to spark creativity??

Have a wonderfully creative weekend,

~ Robin
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