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Get Your Creative On!

Left - Right Brain Graphic

Are you creative? It’s amazing how often people say they aren’t.

I’m fascinated by ‘creativity’ – the stuff that happens in the Right Brain – the process of creativity and the gazillion ways to demonstrate it, the psychological, spiritual, and physical need for it in my own life, and its incredibly important (and often overlooked) role in learning, so I was pleased (and surprised) to discover this morning that we’re in the middle of World Creativity and Innovation Week, a movement begun in 2001 and celebrated each year, April 15 – 21, around the world.  According to their website, during the annual week,

people are acknowledged, informed, inspired and encouraged to use their creativity – to be open to and generate new ideas, to be open to and make new decisions and to be open to and take new actions – that make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too.”

Curious? Click [here] to learn more.

Then, go get your own Creative on!  🙂

Quote about Creativity


Have a great weekend and Happy Creating! If you need to find me, I’ll be in my art studio….   🙂

~ Robin

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