High-Stakes Test-Taking Tip

One of the most stressful times of the school year here in Florida is FCAT week – the week when students take the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, a high-stakes, standardized test, with scores that contribute to lots of things, including whether a student moves to the next grade level, a school’s annual performance, and soon, a teacher’s performance evaluation.  FCAT week is very stressful for everyone ~ students, faculty, and administration, when students do a lot of this….

While teachers and administrators do a lot of this ….

As a district support teacher, I volunteer to support a school during testing, because they always appreciate volunteers and can use an extra set of eyes (no pun intended as you read on!) and well, it’s always fun to get back in schools with kids and teachers ~ doing ‘the real work.’  The energy is amazing and could never be duplicated in an office, much less a school district office (read: deathly quiet, cubicle village, removed ….never mind. I’ll leave that alone!)
Inevitably, I learn something new when I talk with kids in schools. *Always.* Kids are a plethora of ideas and information…. a unique perspective, to be sure!!  This year, I was assigned to a 6th grade class, with their teacher, Mrs. W.  (Thanks, guys! Had a great time meeting all of you!)
So what did I learn? you ask.
Here it is, straight from a young lady with fashion sense that can best be described as part Madonna, part Cyndi Lauper, circa 1980s. Notice her accent flower.  It was a nice addition to a rather ‘quiet’ outfit this day. The next day’s fashion statement had a bit more volume…. still with the glasses!
FCAT Success Tip for 2011

“S” and her test-taking success tip….

Look the Part! 
Check out her glasses… Look closely. What you’ll see is an awesome pair of  Buddy Holly-like glasses…… 
See the resemblance???
 with one big difference: NO lenses.
Nope. Nada. Just frames thank-you-very-much.  So there you have it:
Rock the lense-free glasses for high-stakes test success!! 
Look the part.
Who knew???
Happy testing…. Oh, and remember, if you have time, PLEASE volunteer at your local school!
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