Illiteracy Linked to Dementia?

While catching up on news and events today via The Today Show, I heard a statement: “Research suggests illiteracy can contribute to future cases of dementia because it keeps young brains from developing as they should.”  

As a literacy educator working with learners of all ages, I found this statement interesting, thought about its implications, and wanted to know more about the study. Want to read more?  Click [here] to read the highlights of the study, led by mental health researcher, Deborah Barnes, PhD, at the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

It seems illiteracy is one of the modifiable risk factors that can affect dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, along with physical inactivity, depression, smoking, mid-life hypertension, mid-life obesity, and diabetes.

What implications does this have for us as educators? Seems to me our role includes public health as we prepare young people to be contributing members of society.  

What does illiteracy look like in your community? How does your community support educating its members, both young and seasoned?    

And speaking of educating our youngest learners….  check out this inspiring story about one woman’s Life Calling and its impact on our wee ones in the United States.  Click [here] to watch the inspiring video about early childhood education and investing in our future. Fantastic! 

Ms. Mary Reed asks:
Have we changed something?  

I ask:
What have we changed lately?

It’s all about the process…..

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