Online Learning Spaces and Resources for women 15-50+

RobinLK Studios creates online learning spaces and resources – designed for personal & professional growth, community with like-minded folks in safe online space, and creative play. “Words + Colors” guide our process as we explore, discover, plan, play, build, and grow…. together.

collage image of courses and workshops offered by RobinLK Studios in her online learning spaces and resources for women 15-50+

Room 405: Online Space for Workshops, Courses, Workshops, Groups

  • online creative writing workshops & writing groups
  • online and local mixed-media art workshops

  • online small biz How-To courses + workshops for new/aspiring biz owners

  • online study & job search strategies for adult learners

  • online support & digital resources for educators & home-schooling parents
  • Studios Community online get-togethers (by invitation only)
  • Etsy 101: workshops & courses for New & Rebuilding Shop Owners

Resources to support your learning & personal growth

Tip: Studios Insiders get the ‘inside scoop’ with updates, test copies, early access to resources, invites to private group events and ‘beta test’ workshops and courses, special Etsy offers and codes, plus whatever else I dream up.

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