Creative Play (Live) Workshops


During a creative learning session with me (in person, remote, or online), I teach you how to use words and colors to guide your thinking while you create your project. In this way, you learn how to focus on your thinking in a purposeful way while learning and practicing something fun and creative. How you think (with happy chatter or quiet reflection) is 100% up to you. I see both happening in every creative learning session! 


art supplies


Who my workshops are for:  

  • Women and girls (10 – 17) 
  • Gals ready to learn a simple art or writing technique
  • 12 guests – to keep our workshop experience personalized 


What you can expect: 

  • No copy-cat art in our workshops! I do not ask that everyone use the same colors and do the same picture. 
  • You’ll create a project unique to you after instruction and a demonstration. 
  • Mixed-media workshops are about experimenting with various tools and supplies. Be ready to try out lots of cool stuff!
  • Three hours workshop time: simple, easy-to-follow instruction, a demonstration, and guided instruction as you work on your project. 
  • A comfortable place to ‘make art’ and ‘make friends’ while practicing your art/writing skills.
  • Local businesses in West Orange County, Florida provide space for our events 



  • Due to COVID-19, live face-to-face workshops are on hold and may resume later in 2020.
  • But…. good news!  You can register for a remote workshop via Zoom or sign up for an online, on-demand course
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Whoa! You don’t want to wait? No worries. Soon, you won’t have to!


Beginning early summer 2020, you can learn a fun, approachable art/writing skill on your own schedule and in the convenience of your own home (I love stretchy pants, don’t you?) in my online, on-demand, self-paced courses that offer lots of opportunities to learn and practice with step-by-step directions, videos, guides and me walking you through (well, my voice, anyway).  

These short courses offer you 24/7 access to the content, are yours for as long as the course exists, and are priced for maximum enjoyment so you can take as many as you’d like. Want to know when they’re available? Be sure to sign up for my Insider e-mails and twice-monthly newsletters.