Creative Retreats

Local Retreats

Local retreats are designed as 1-day events to get you out of your own environment and into a creative space that allows for all-day focus without distraction.

  • Retreats encourage creative exploring, discovery, rediscovery, and personal/professional growth
  • Words + colors guide our process
  • Central Florida
  • NOTE: Due to COVID-19, live events are currently paused

Travel Retreats

Have you ever wanted to travel to a creative retreat, but didn’t want to go alone, didn’t know how to find them, or didn’t know how to plan for them?

Beginning late 2021, let’s take a creative road trip with a small group of gals to great locations oozing with creative goodness. Imagine: a relaxing creative cruise, a majestic writing location, or a cool art workshop in the U.S……

  • Open to travel guests who know or have worked with Robin
  • Locations, number of days, and rates will vary
  • Limited to 5 guests
  • Watch for announcements in my e-mails and newsletters
  • NOTE: Due to COVID-19, live events are currently paused