Local Workshops and Classes

Who my local workshops and classes are for:  

  • Women and girls (10 – 17) 
  • Gals ready to learn a simple art or writing technique
  • Gals ready to learn a new skill for personal or professional success 



art supplies


What you can expect: 

  • 1 – 4 hours 
  • Up to 15 guests – to keep our workshop and class sessions personalized 
  • Easy-to-follow instruction, demonstration, and guided practice   
  • No copy-cat art in our art/writing workshops! I never ask that everyone use the same colors and do the same picture 
  • Lots of a-ha! in our personal/professional success workshops/classes
  • A comfortable place to learn something new 
  • Local businesses in West Orange County, Florida provide space for our learning events 


Mixed-media workshops are about experimenting with various tools and supplies. Be ready to try out lots of cool stuff!

Personal/professional success workshops/classes are about learning and practicing real-world skills necessary.




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