Hello, Brevard County Small Business Community!

Would an extra set of eyes on your business or a little help with your “socials” be useful?

Since I’m online daily or out and about, seeing business media as a customer (think: signs, menus, billboards, and social media messages), I often notice misspelled or grammatically incorrect advertising, web content, flyers, and menus.

This is a common problem!

Believe it or not, these spelling & grammar “oops situations” can result in lost business/revenue.

Social media is also a challenge for many business owners.

From a basic ‘audit’ (giving feedback from a customer’s view) to drafting posts for you, I can help you cut down on the ‘extra’ that comes with using social media—the necessary beast in today’s marketing/advertising world!

90% of my business happens in my studio, online shop, online school where I host and facilitate learning events for grown-up gals, and online— where I provide content and monitoring services for fellow businesses:

Through the studios, I:

  • make and sell original art, creative journals, and curated journaling/writing supplies in my Etsy shop
  • provide writing/editing and social media services for small businesses
  • build & teach workshops, mini-courses, and coaching programs for women including Mapping Past Maybe™ —
  • coach women who are exploring and navigating change + growth
  • coach new & aspiring business owners
  • host online book groups, masterclasses, and masterminds
  • write under my own name and as a ghostwriter for clients, product and service reviews
  • write a “somewhat” weekly e-mail/newsletter
  • host online Wednesday Writing Groups for women (5 AM and 8 AM)
  • and… whatever else comes my way (It’s busy ’round here!)

I’m an educator-turned-biz owner with an eye for the details and the work ethic of a veteran—ready to support your business!

How can I be of service to your business? Let’s connect! Drop me a note.

RobinLK Studios is a woman-veteran-owned small & thriving business located in Merritt Island, Florida, and welcomes inquiries for business services and Brevard community partnerships.

When not in the studios or teaching creative workshops in the community, you’ll find Robin on the back of a Harley, walking the beach, or enjoying one of the many fantastic restaurants in our coastal neighborhoods.