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Memorial Day Thoughts….{Monday Motivation}

It occurred to me as we drove home from a holiday weekend trip to the beach that I posted neither a Sunday Funny nor a Monday Motivation.  Slacker.

AmericanFlagI also realized that I thought about the upcoming weekend over the past few weeks, as possible posts rolled through my mind. Frankly, nothing felt quite right as I thought about Memorial Day with reverence, so please pardon this week’s pause in our regularly scheduled programming.

Yes, there were funny things that happened during our weekend away, one in particular that will be forever etched on my brain. It involved a family member, a bit of alcohol, a bicycle, and a tree. I will leave it at that. You can fill in the missing parts – probably accurately. Definitely a Sunday Funny that happened on Saturday!!

As for our weekly motivation, my message is simple:  Be thankful for your freedoms. If you haven’t already, remember the fallen with gratitude, and thank a veteran or active military person. Every day.

Especially in our increasingly complicated world, freedom is such a powerful thing that (I think) is often taken for granted.

Back in November, for Veterans’ Day 2014, I shared a post about my own experiences nearly thirty years ago, but more importantly, I closed with a tribute to our fallen uncle, Cpl. James Larry Walden, who came home from Vietnam – as many did – in a body bag.  So today, once again, I say thank you to our uncles, my grandfather, and all of those who have served or continue to serve.




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