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No Shave November: Hair Today … Gone Tomorrow??

Married to a mountain man?

It sure has seemed so lately!

As November comes to an end, so does my husband’s newest addition. I noticed several weeks ago that his goatee, or ‘goat’ as we call it, had begun to …. ummm…. expand. The usual clean-shaven cheeks gave way to the scruffy weekend look (which was weird for a guy in finance! Think: clean cut, well-dressed M-F).

Me:   Honey??  What’s that??

Mr:    What?  Oh, this?? (caressing the scruffiness)

Me:   Ummm… yes, that.

Mr:   Oh, I decided to participate in No Shave November.

With recent events related to cancer in our family, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, since he couldn’t shave his head in support of #BabySister.  See pics  below… it’ll make sense!

Me:   Cool. You look….. different. 

Mr:    Uh, thanks?

It was one of those weird conversations sometimes had by married folks.  You know what I mean.

Fast-forward two weeks:

Mr:    (now scratching the weed hair traversing his face) I’m about over this stuff!  

Me:   (grinning)  Will you make it to the end of the month??

Mr:   Yes, but it’s going Nov 30th.

So, before it goes, I thought I’d share a couple of pics of Hubs supporting the fight against cancer. #BabySister, this one’s for you. Thanks, honey, for playing along.  Today you get to see your own mugs in my daily post.

noshavenov1 noshavenov3 noshavenov4




Want to learn more about No Shave November? Check it out {here}.

I suggested I might participate next year, too. You know, we ladies get to a certain age that we can let our own beards grow in…. We could have a contest.  😉

He wasn’t buying it.



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