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Of Vintage Rides and New Friends

Recently, I was able to step away from work ‘on time’ to meet up with a friend for a tall iced tea and a little catching up.  We are colleagues and friends, have only known each other a year now, and it’s kind of a rare thing in my world… a colleague inside my inner circle. Not that I have anything cool or mysterious to hide. I’m just kind of…. private, I guess.  We no longer work in the same school, so our uber-brief (but still time to chat) lunches are no longer.  We spent two hours talking shop and life.  Isn’t it nice when you have that kind of  time? Such a fun visit!

Before we each headed home, we exchanged hugs and my friend said, “Get back to writing, please!”  Alex, this one’s for you. Here’s what’s on my mind these days….


Vintage trucks.

Yes, I love ’em!

In the past year, I’ve discovered an affinity for vintage trucks. In most cases, they are boxy, clunky, and bathed in a patina reminiscent of their original color, often green or blue, but I’m not picky.  Vintage trucks stop me in my tracks! 🙂

When I spot them, I snap a quick picture….

vintage truck photo blue


vintage truck photo green

I often create them in my art studio, too….

vintage truck drawing red


vintage truck drawing blue

Sometimes they’re a bit curvier, like the ubiquitous beauties we saw last summer in Napa and Sonoma Valleys. After returning home, I was curious about them and learned they’re known as Winery trucks.

Vintage Truck - Napa Valley

You can’t help but smile when you see them… so much history and personality.

My friend Alex shared with me that her Bucket List car is a Cutlass. I’m not surprised, really. You see, Alex has kind of a bad girl look about her – from her younger years she’ll tell you – a generous sprinkling of ink (not flowers or butterflies either!) and a raspy voice from those years of cigs,  now just a distant memory…. (hey, we all have our vices) which is really fun, because she’s a teacher now. She’s definitely working the cool factor!

So Alex, this post is for you and this next picture is for you, too…

cutlass 1971

Sorry the post wasn’t about teaching, but I hope it brought a smile to your face anyway. 😉


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