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Pivoting Toward Home: When Writing Finds You Again

When writing finds its way back into your life, you make room for the words and sharpen your pencil.

I recently (re)discovered a writing platform that I’d stumbled across in July but hadn’t explored any further…. until it was recommended in a book I began reading last Friday morning.

Enter October, my favorite month and (apparently) the start to new things.

Writers gonna write… right? But we want an audience since the reason we write is to share ideas. Thankfully, found its way back in front of my face late last week. Have you heard of it?

It’s an online writing platform “where over 100 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking,” according to their About page. How’s THAT for a potential audience? It does require work: consistent writing, consistent reading, thoughtful commenting, and purposefully selected submissions are at the core of building a following.

Should you write on Medium or your own blog?

The upside: Medium exposes your writing to an existing audience while blogging on your own requires you to start with no audience and build it.

The downside: Like any other social/connecting platform, Medium is “rented real estate.” Content created there can disappear without warning if the site disappears or your account is suspended.

How to solve this: Share your content between both platforms to ensure your writing gets an audience and that you have control of your content. Use your other resources, too – social media and other ways you share information, such as an e-mail/newsletter list.

Instead of writing for Medium, you might prefer perusing the gazillions of articles on awesome topics, all categorized? I recommend seeing what’s there. Here’s how:

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