Please, Shut Up… {A Rant}

Woman with her fingers in her ears, grimacing
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Shut up!!

The older I get, the less patience I have for listening to people drone on and on and on about crap that doesn’t interest me.

Why are you taking up my time and our oxygen to tell me things I don’t give a damn about?  Please. Shut up. 

Yes, I think this far more often than I should admit.

Chatter seems constant now, doesn’t it?  Social media, text messages, e-mails, phone calls, junk mail (do we really still get junk mail in 2014??), TV commercials that YELL at us, ads embedded in everything, suggested links, recommendations, stupid TV, even blogs …. The list is endless.  And so is the noise.

Please. Shut up. 

Sometimes, I watch someone’s mouth moving and I nod and smile that smile. You know the one. Eyebrows raise slightly. Head tilts a little. Nod. Keep smiling.  The mouth is still moving.

Just keep smiling, raising, tilting, nodding…..

Please. Shut up. 

Sometimes, I start saying something to my husband and stop mid-thought. He gets aggravated. “Finish what you were saying!”

“It’s not important,” I reply.

Drives him crazy. Drives me more crazy to realize I’m rambling.  I tell myself, “Shut up!”





Unless I want to hear from you…..


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