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“Purple is the Color of Adventure” …. {Monday Motivation}

If you’ve ever read Harold and the Purple Crayon, then you already know about the whole ‘purple crayon imagination’ thing. For the rest of us, well, now we know, too!  I must admit, as an avid collector of children’s picture books, I’m not sure why I don’t own this simple, yet beautiful book about creativity and imagination.

Book cover: Harold and the Purple Crayon
The wonders of a purple crayon….

In 1955, Crockett Johnson wrote his charming story about a four-year-old with an imagination that comes to life through his purple crayon.  Seems, according to Dr. Philip Nel who published a biography of Mr. Johnson and wife, Ruth Krauss, that the book – along with others they collaborated on – generated much controversy.

He writes, “Defiantly leftist in an era of McCarthyism and Cold War paranoia, Johnson and Krauss risked collaborations that often contained subtly rendered liberal themes. Indeed, they were under FBI surveillance for years…..”  (even his choice of crayon color was questioned)

Interesting! So why share all of this on a Monday Motivation post?  Well, it was my way of sharing that lately, purple has tickled my creative fancy in a strange and (dare I say?) euphoric sort of way. No idea why…. I’ve just been craving a tube of purple paint, which I finally picked up Saturday evening.

Purple paint on a palette in the studio
In the studio….. Purple Paint Nirvana

Whoa!  Hello, Purple Everything!  Here’s what Sunday looked like in the studio (all projects still in progress and some dramatically altered from a previous version in other colors) ….


Intention July 2015
Originally bright orange, yellow and deep pink, “Intention” has taken on a whole new personality with shots of purple infused.
Beautiful_MermaidSecrets July 2015
Yes, my hand-painted circles are wobbly… the charm of hand-crafted work.
FindYourTrueNorth July 2015
“Find your True North” – a work in progress inspired by my belief that we all need to find what makes us happiest AND maps I used during a recent work trip to Tampa to explore the city after conference hours (look closely at the center of the canvas)….

MermaidUndertheSea July 2015 Life July 2015

As a newbie mixed-media artist discovering new techniques and tools all the time and preparing to participate in my first BIG show in October, with space provided by the local shop that showcases my creative adventures, Every Nook & Cranny, I’ve begun to find ‘color palette favorites’ in my work – hot pink/bright orange/yellow for fun, funky projects, cooler blue/green tones when I’m feeling mellow, clean, crisp neutrals (black/brown/gray/cream/white) for subdued projects … many now with shades of purple as an integral addition – and an energizing blend of each palette to shake things up (like “Find Your True North”).

When asked in 1955 why a purple crayon in his story? Johnson reportedly replied, “Purple is the color of adventure.”  (Nel, p. 152) Well, there you go!

It seems I’ve discovered my own purple ‘crayon’ while exploring my creative side… who knew? #Serendipity

Life truly can be an adventure if we let it!

So, grab your own crayon, pen, paint, marker, pants, you name it…. and make it a Marvelous Monday, filled with purple adventures.  🙂


purple creative tools
Find your Purple Adventure!

P.S.  I ordered my copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon… Can’t wait for it to arrive.  #inspiration

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