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Redefining the Norm: When Breast Cancer Comes Calling


Breast Cancer Logo Butterfly

As I sat beside our baby sister’s hospital bed yesterday, I was both inspired by her strength and humbled by her resilience; she is redefining her norm with grace and dignity and a touch of realism (the occasional tear and/or ‘colorful’ word).

Feet in Hospital Bed

Bruised and broken may be her body, but not her spirit. She is a fighter.

I’m so thankful we could be with her over the weekend to celebrate her 35th birthday with a cancer center fundraiser. My sister’s wish to give back to the folks who’ve nurtured her through this process resulted in $1000.00 raised in two hours. We thank all of her guests (family, friends, coworkers) for their generosity!

CCCF Flyer

Cupcakes on Display

Early Monday morning had us all arriving before sunrise to prepare for her surgery.

Breast cancer has only made this beautiful woman stronger.

Love you, baby sister.


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