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Words matter. Use yours.

Get your free copy of Personal Writing Prompts: 12 Activities to Kick-start Your Writing, a tiny peek into our weekly Wednesday writing groups.

5-Day Journal Buffet

Explore 7 types of journaling in this free 5-day challenge that takes place “live” via Instagram every few months. Tap the image or the download button to hop on the notifications list. Next Challenge? May 22 – 26.

Etsy 101

SEO. KLT. YoY. Tags. Keywords. Listings. Payment accounts. Payment methods. Descriptions. Dimensions. Fulfillment. Star Seller. Vacation Mode. Search engines. Photography. Marketing (yes, it’s necessary—even for introverts). Branding. Customer Service.

Want to open your Etsy shop and wondering how to get started?

In 2019, I had to jump in and figure things out FAST when our artisans’ co-op closed its doors in a real estate transaction. With my inventory stacked in corners of our home, I dove into Etsy with no idea what I was doing.

My free Aiming for Remarkable: A Six-Step Etsy Quick Start Guide, shares what I learned in 100+ hours of researching, video watching, and trial & error. I created it because I want to help you get to building and selling, not sitting and wondering. Ready?

Workshop Resources – for workshop guests 🙂

Brevard County VB 2023 Workshop Resources – Jan 28

Looking for more great resources? Watch for new additions here. 🠟

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