Social Media: Are You Creating or Cringing?

Technology continues to advance.

Students’ learning continues to evolve with technology.

Social Media Icons
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 Is your instruction evolving, too?  

 What do you think when you read the phrase Social Media?  Does it spark your creativity or serve up a hefty helping of uncertainty?

Social media wasn’t what it is today when I was still in the classroom full-time.  We weren’t tweeting and updating our status by the millions…. yet.  I often think about how much fun it would have been to have all the social media tools when I was still working with high school students in the classroom every day.

Now, I try to incorporate social media  into training and coaching sessions, building communities of  learners online and  in  person, but before I knew much about it, I was a bit nervous about using social media…..

  • What about privacy?
  • How do I learn the technical stuff?
  • Who’s reading what I write?
  • How do you communicate with students?
  • How do you engage them?
  • What are other highly effective educators doing?
  • How do/could I use Social Media?

These are questions I often ask myself ~ to stay current and learn new things from like-minded colleagues.

I recently saw a tweet from @edudemic about social media, and of course, jumped over to read more.  I found not only a post about a new social media resource for teachers but also  a great site chock full of 411 for educators.   Score! 

 Are you creating or cringing? 

 You decide.  Then, check out this site [here] to add to your instructional toolbox.

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