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Sorry, Nurse Ratched

You can’t do that in here! There are privacy laws.
You might want to walk away….
I just did.
And will again.
You are going through the motions.
We are going through the emotions.
She is 1 in 8.
She is our Baby Sister. 
She is a mother of three.
She loves, laughs, and cries.
She adores Danny.
And kitties.
And dogs.
And all things good in this world.
She is beautiful.
Inside and Out.
Her body is betraying her.
We are documenting this journey, a life to celebrate.  
Because… She’s Got This!
She will beat it.
She is strong.
She is our Baby Sister.
Please …. we need you to tolerate, not berate.
Sorry, Nurse Ratched.
You might want to walk away.




  • Dana Murphy

    I. Love. This. “you are going through the motions/we are going through the emotions” is my favorite line. My heart hurt at the line “her body is betraying her”. I am so, so sorry for your sister and for you and for your family. Sorry you have to go through this. Sounds like you all are surrounding her with such positive energy and support – I just know you guys are lifting her up in spirit and in strength. My thoughts are with you – keep us all posted on her progress. I just said a prayer for her. (and for Nurse Ratched. 🙂 )

  • Anonymous

    Prayers for strength and fortitude as you all go through the motions of living, loving and fighting this scourge. I wish I could take the pain and suffering away, but instead I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Michelle @litlearningzone

    Wow Robin. So sorry to hear this news about your sister. Prayers healing for her and prayers of calming the emotions for your family to be strong for your sister. Heart breaking.

    Welcome to slice of life writing on Tuesdays! It’s quite an amazing community to connect with. I look forward to hearing about your sister’s progress and life in your classroom!

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