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Sunday Funnies… {Friends’ Take on Life}

So, it’s Sunday and I’ve been (regrettably) absent that past few weekends … though busy to say the least. In fact, today I’m knee-deep in this (very happily, I might add)….


paint palette and brushes on studio table
In the studio….


… but didn’t want to let another Sunday get by without sharing something to (hopefully) make you smile (if you’re reading).  If you’re not reading this post, then I hope you’re smiling at other things…    😉

Anyway, I turned to my Facebook friends for a little humor today. They’re typically sharing the oddest things, though today they seemed to be mostly ranting about politics – unusual for my crowd – so I had to dig deep. Found a couple worth a smile ……

For parents of tweens or teens, this might ring true….

WIFI note on fridge
Parenting Humor, 21st century style

For fellow runners (or those who’ve seen them running), this might feel familiar… I know it was true for me during the 4 or so years that I ran. Never once was it a pleasant experience. My face said it all. Ugh.  *But it was pure euphoria once I finished each d*** run!  A back injury in late 2012 put an end to that, though…  but I still remember the faces I made….  (embarrassing!)


Running Cartoon about faces
Sad, but true…


 Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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