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Sunday Funnies…{Time to Wrap Things Up}

As we wrap up 2014 (couldn’t resist), thought I’d share some wrapping paper humor… Really??  Yes, it exists!  Sadly.

Big thanks to all my fellow pinners whose humor is as off-key as mine….   😉


Teenagers’  rebellious spirit….  



Star Wars fans, this one’s for you…. (Yes, husband… this includes YOU)!


For the ‘weirdly creative’ among us….



How about some ‘rapping’ paper….  ??  


Keeping the faith…..  



For the thrifty/crafty Pinners out there…. Can you relate?? 




A little ‘adult humor’ ….  Oops!  #fail



Lastly… truth. Admit it.




Happy Sunday!

Keep smiling.





  • milliethom

    I love your wrapping paper humour. I agree wholeheartedly about bubble wrap. It’s so hard to leave alone! Have you decided what to do about the Award I emailed you about the other day? I couldn’t find an About page on which to contact you. The rules are on my last post, but if you’ve decided not to bother with it, just ignore this message! Have a great Christmas.

    • RobinLK

      Oh my goodness! Apologies! I’ve been off-line the past few days, getting ready for the holidays. I will look for it. I do have a Contact Page, but not an email, just a form. I’ll take a look and be in touch. Thank you SO much for thinking of me… what an honor. 🙂 As for bubble wrap, yes… I’m hopelessly attracted to it. lol

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