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Technical & Business Writing

Though she loves writing creatively — for herself and with others — Robin is equally passionate about writing to inform, persuade, and teach.

A word nerd? Self-described.

She’s been writing professionally for 30+ years with her eye on text structure, tone, the audience, and readers’ clarity.

Is your message clear, clean, and easy to understand?

During her time in the U.S. Navy, Robin managed supply & requisitioning for her department and provided job-related training. Those roles required detailed documentation, which she quickly learned.

Robin continued to serve after the Navy, completing her second degree and earning her FL teaching certification. Over the next 25 years, she would earn a Master of Science degree and serve in various roles, all requiring strong and varied writing skills.

She was known as a research-driven and data-focused middle/high school educator and college instructor, a learning-centric curriculum and instructional designer, a detailed course and program developer, an active member of campus- and district-level leadership teams, a sought-after professional development materials writer & facilitator, a certified New Teacher Mentor and Coach, and a requested team member/advisor for grant proposals and administration-level correspondence. She wrote documentation at every level from classroom to federal requests.

Her projects and products include:

  • SOW-style project outlines

  • grant proposals

  • detailed lesson plans with multiple learning outcomes, formative and summative assessments she created, and a focus on student learning styles – built with a mix of Agile (collaborative, iterative, and frequent evaluation of the process) and Waterfall (time-driven with specific outcomes and significant stakeholders input) methodologies

  • lesson plan training and development — detailed, personalized, and time-driven How-to

  • online and in-person courses & programs

  • digital and analog (layered) training materials

  • instruction manuals, workbooks, guidebooks, and résumés

  • C-level & B-level professional development assignments and communication

  • student and educator performance documentation

  • recommendation letters for new FL CTE educators completing three years of training & mentorship

  • recommendation letters for college and military-bound students

  • online content (blog posts, reviews, articles)

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Meantime, if you’re in need of an experienced writer, website content auditor, or engaging facilitator, drop me a note. Let’s get a project started today!

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