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Tell your Story… One Word Bit at a Time

A friend and I were talking on Facebook this week about making creative journals and writing (or not) in them. She said she loves to make them, but doesn’t write in them. I told her I don’t write in mine either…. at least not in the pen-to-paper sense.

Instead, my writing in creative journals is done using ‘found words’ – sometimes called ‘word bits’ or ‘word crumbs’ by fellow writers and artists. I like to tell stories in the shortest form possiblesometimes often with six or fewer words. I like inspiring others to tell their stories, too – by sharing a few words to nudge someone’s thinking/feeling/remembering….

So here’s my tip ….

Open a magazine or discarded book. Let your eyes scan the pages. Notice which words your eyes land on. Don’t force it. As I type this, I am envisioning a psychic/intuitive whose hands are moving slowly above an object or Tarot cards. I know – that sounds crazy! I get it. But it’s that kind of process – purely intuitive, instinctive. Not forced. Stay quiet inside your head and around you. Trust the process. Let your soul have a voice. When words jump out at you, that’s your soul getting its voice.

Once you find those words, cut them out and use them to tell your story… Or save them for another day. I have dozens of snack-size baggies with short stories waiting to be shared, alongside jars of words filling my Studio. Maybe it will be a short story – told in only a few words. Or, maybe those ‘found words’ become the beginning of a longer story inside you. It’s completely up to you….

Curious if there’s any historical reference to this? Check out this online article that talks about “Found Poetry” (what it’s often called) and an introduction to Dada Poetry, created in 1920 when Tristan Tzara “proposed to write a poem using random words pulled from a sack.”

Ready? Who knows? You may in the words of an art party/workshop guest last year, “Never look at words the same way again...!” Just sayin’. Have a terrific Tuesday!

…. Robin

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