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The Pocket Muse 2: Endless Inspiration for Writers {Great Reads}

The Pocket Muse 2“Anybody can write a book, ’cause everybody has a story to tell.”
Marianne Moore, Author/Poet

Last week I found myself in the bookstore again, this time to replace a book I loaned and haven’t seen since.

The Pocket Muse 2,  an entirely different genre from the missing business book, spoke to my interest in writing, with its inviting photography, creative type-set and graphics, and beautiful language.

Monica Wood explains in the Introduction that this book was a result of her own despair, feeling as though she was facing, “mortal combat with a novel in progress… stranded and miserable with my sheaf of false starts and dead ends.”  She invites the reader to use the book as a source of both “inspiration and advice” in the journey to find one’s own words in what she calls an “act of faith.”

Ready to tell your own story? Because everyone’s got one to tell, apparently.  Ready to tap into your own creativity… find it, develop it, maybe share it?  The Pocket Muse 2 is a great tool to get you started.

By the way, the Missing In Action business book, (reason for the bookstore drop-in), didn’t get purchased.  Guess I’ll have to plan another visit soon.   😉

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