Time Flies… A New Year Awaits


“Quitting is not an option but resting is.”      Author:  Jordan D. Ulmer  


Has it really been an entire year since I last blogged here? 

HOW does that happen??  WHY does that happen?

Even after nineteen years, the ‘busy-ness’ of a school year continues to surprise (and overwhelm) me.  Fellow K-12 educators know exactly what I’m talking about. One minute it’s August/September and you’re dragging your supplies (and buttola!) back to school, readjusting to 21-minute lunches, a bladder that’s offended by the lack of relief, the never-ending paperwork, and ongoing lesson plans. The next minute, it’s June and you’re sending your students home for the summer, or for some of us, off to college and the military.  It’s a time for tears and reflection. 

Then, it’s time to rest.

Aaahhh…. summer, that much-deserved and anticipated time, finally arrives. Some of us take time to rest. Some of us don’t…..for a variety of reasons. I’ve had the opportunity to experience both kinds of summers, and prefer the former to the latter.  

So what happened during those ten months that kept me away?

High school offers, of course, its own unique perspective on life. Ups and downs shift as quickly as the tides… faster, in fact?  And they often feel like glacial shifts for kids dealing with new emotions for the very first time.

What’s a teacher to do? Be ready for what comes Aug – June:

  • August immaturity gives way to June maturity for some (and then there are the students….lol!).
  • New friends are made, old friends outgrown.
  • New interests
  • New sports
  • New talents revealed
  • New loves
  • Broken hearts
  • Pregnancy and its alternatives/choices
  • New jobs
  • New cars
  • College acceptance letters
  • College rejection letters
  • Military enlistments
  • Death
  • Engagement
  • Graduation!  (hopefully)
  • Summer school for some…
  • Dropping out for others …..
Looking back, it’s easy to see how a year got away from me. My students and I laughed, cried, fought, and celebrated together.  We shared stories and secrets, and we made new memories.  It was a fantastic year, in spite of its challenges, which is why …..

“Quitting is not an option, but resting is.” 

Now, ‘rest time’ is nearly over, and the whirlwind of the 2013 – 14 school year quickly approaches …… 

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or teacher, are YOU ready? 
Me?  Not.Quite.Yet. 
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