Web Design Students Talk Social Media Marketing

I recently had the pleasure of visiting David Pollock’s Web Design class at Winter Park Tech – Avalon Campus, in Orlando, Florida, to discuss social media and its effects on marketing.  After learning that I’m a social media enthusiast, David invited me to come out and talk with his students.  What a treat for me!
In late January, adult students in various stages of the web design course (some finishing their required 1,050 hours while others were just beginning) gathered for an interactive presentation in which they shared their knowledge and ideas about social media marketing with me, and in turn, I shared a few tips and resources with them. 

David also recorded the session for youtube  in  four segments; you can find Part I here, and all of them in my blog margin.  (Thanks, David!)
Together, the students and I explored social media tools commonly used in the United States and discussed how social media  has significantly changed the marketing landscape. As Kelly Mooney discusses in her book, The Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World, gone are the days that a business or organization can rely solely on traditional marketing tactics.
The Internet, and more specifically, social media, has
turned marketing inside out,
making it a process in which consumers pull the content out
and decide what succeeds and what doesn’t. 
Consumers share information about products and services, often in real time, influencing other consumers.  Apparently, we  rely more on our friends, peers, and family than on  big ad agencies, when making buying decisions.  Hmmmm… not that surprising, right?
Additionally, companies need to listen to their customers, and monitoring conversations 24/7 is becoming the norm, as evidenced by this Gatorade video:

So how does this change in marketing strategies impact a  web designer?

Apps.  Specifically, as Jenifer K  shared with us,  mobile apps.  “It isn’t enough for a web designer to be able to create  something just for the web,” she noted. “Now, a  developer must be able to deliver the ‘full package’ including mobile apps, in our increasingly mobile world.”  Excellent insight.

We had a good laugh at my own evolution in mobile devices, moving from the basic cell phone for 7 years to several newer devices in a much shorter timeframe, that provided the social content I craved.  Clearly, I’m a product of the evolving social media world, and not unlike many others.  Just look at this week’s sales of Verizon’s iPhone.    

Big THANKS to David and his students for allowing me to spend time with them, talk shop, and get some great new ideas & resources.  As always, time spent with students is the best kind of time in my world! 

Interested in learning more about the Web Design program, soon to be updated to Web Development?  Want to see what kinds of things students are working on?  Click [here] to see the class web page.  Their blog, located on posterous, shares lots of great content, too! 

Social media continues to change how we communicate.  Is your business or organization listening?  If not, you may be missing key opportunities to interact with your customers,  and getting left behind by your competitors who are …… 

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