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Why I Teach: Ten (Important) Reasons

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Oftentimes, when I tell people I’m a high school teacher, I get this response (or a slight variation), “Oh, wow!  I could never do that! Teenagers these days….”

Truth is, the teenagers have been the only reason I keep coming back to the K-12 classroom.  Let’s be clear ~ some are a royal pain in the buttola:  mouthy, lazy, disrespectful, not interested in anything an adult (especially a teacher) has to say, and well, just teenagers.  Increasingly, they have no boundaries and an overdeveloped sense of entitlement… products of our changing culture/society.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, big brother/sister, fellow teacher, remember being a teenager, or have the ‘pleasure’ of interacting with any teenager, anywhere, then you KNOW what I’m talking about.

Interestingly, though (and many of you have probably discovered this, too)…. get them by themselves, away from their peers, and they’re generally pretty awesome monsters, ummm… kids. 😉

My response to incredulous people, “Teenagers are awesome. Give them a chance to show you who they are, and they just might surprise you.”

And to my high school students, I say, “I love working with you guys. You teach me new things every day!” … and THAT is a true statement.

So really, my title is ‘teacher,’ but the truth is, I’m Chief Learner in my classroom. Students are the reasons I teach. Check out a few real-life reasons below….  *NOTE:  Passing the reading portion of one of three standardized tests is required to meet the FL graduation requirement (FCAT, ACT, or SAT). Students in my classes are juniors or seniors who have not met that requirement yet and are working toward passing one of the three.

Notes from students, unedited ….


1.   From a senior who struggled all the way through my class:      “I have good news to share with you Mrs. kyle, I forgot to tell you that I got accepted to Valencia college and got the Bridges to Success Scholarship. I wanted to tell you this because you helped me with my first essay which was one of the hardest essay I had to write because it was so personal to me. Thank you for helping me and believing in me.”


2.   From star bowler and college-bound kiddo, Justin T:      Ms.Kyle I passed FCAT!!!! Thank you 🙂


3.   From a grieving classmate who knew I was grieving, too ~ Victoria B:     Ms.Kyle I don’t know if you have heard Brandie has passed away

4.   From military-bound, JROTC student, Michael M:     inspection went okay. I did mess up a little though.


5.   From star football player and college-bound student (Auburn!) Chandler C:      Mrs. Kyle I got a 21 on my reading part of ACT!!!  Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited too!!!! Tell Mr.Kyle I also said thank you so much too! I couldn’t of done it without you!! See you tomorrow!
 6.   From always-cheerful Sherbria G, a super-neat kiddo:      Last day of school , I enjoyed you and I want to thank you because you really changed me and also I felt loved and cared for when I walked inside your class , and that made my day because it was many times I really didn’t want to be in school . Thank you so much <3
Selfies with students
Selfies with students
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