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Would a little help with developing, organizing, or refining your course or program be useful?

Things to consider when building/editing your course or program:

  • determining the layout (what’s best? why?)
  • creating content (starting from scratch)
  • curating content (gathering resources)
  • designing and building the shell (platform, structure)
  • organizing and delivering (what makes sense? what doesn’t make sense? how do you know? student needs? deliverability/accessibility)
  • assessing, reassessing, and revising/refining (an ongoing process)

RobinLK Studios is a woman veteran-owned business that can support fellow educators through their course/program build or rebuild by providing online reviews and coaching/facilitating as the educator works through the building/revising process.


Robin was a Florida educator and teacher-leader at the middle, high school, and college levels for 27 years, teaching thousands of students with various learning abilities while training, supporting, and learning from fellow educators at the campus, district, and state levels. As a teacher/instructor (in person and online), course builder, professional development coordinator & facilitator, teacher-mentor, and instructional coach, Robin worked closely with fellow instructors, administrators, students, and industry professionals.

This front-row seat to curriculum design, instructional delivery, teacher efficacy & support, student learning needs, administrative approaches, and eventually— industry needs in CTE (Career & Technical Education) and Apprenticeship/Workforce training and education— provided Robin with a well-rounded perspective of successful, meaningful teaching and learning (and effective pathways for workforce training).

During her 11 years in CTE, Robin supported industry professionals who transitioned into teaching at the high school, technical college, and apprenticeship levels. Each year as the new industry professionals arrived on campus, Robin began the district- and state-required three-year New Teacher Orientation process with each instructor, being reminded daily of first-year teacher needs.

In June 2021, Robin retired from public education to take her “side hustle” creative small business in multiple directions (full-time) with time, space, and flexibility to do the work that matter most to her— nurturing personal and professional growth in ‘grownup’ gals, teen girls, fellow/aspiring small biz owners, fellow educators, and the military community.

As a “repurposed” educator, Robin still builds, edits, and teaches online courses and programs, but now on the ‘non-academic’ side of learning, and welcomes the opportunity to continue supporting other teachers, instructors, and their students.

Ready to maximize students’ learning journeys in your course or program?

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