What if you discovered your passion? Overcame your fears? Explored changes in your life that feel right? Developed that plan you’ve been thinking about for years?

Imagine following the path and growing into who you’re ready to be…


Established 2015

Hey, there! Great to ‘meet’ you!

RobinLK Studios, an online community for women navigating change, was created in 2015 when the power of “art as a healing tool” changed my world. As a lifelong writer, I was grateful that the creative process of “art & all things messy” replaced my missing words during a challenging life event.

Since then, I’ve been sharing how to use words + colors to navigate change, find clarity, and welcome confidence with a bit of “Oh, crap, I can do this!”


I believe my calling is to support women ready to navigate life’s changes. Through personal, creative writing, my goal is to inspire you to explore, discover, and grow.

Grab your favorite beverage. Get comfortable. Dive in. You’ll find blog posts and Medium articles meant to inspire, educate, impact, and… engage.

Grab your own analog or digital writing tools. It’s time to answer the BIG questions as you peel away the layers, unravel your personal stories, and grow confidently with increased clarity.

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Because process matters…

I also support commercial and government clients with content that’s clear, compelling, and results-driven. My 30+ years of writing professionally and project development support your writing projects.