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Central Florida (& Beyond) Creative Learning Courses, Workshops, Groups, Retreats & Coaching for Women & Girls

Welcome to RobinLK Studios….. where words + colors guide the process and I firmly believe that learning should never, ever be boring. 
Imagine using the Creative Process to find clarity and your truest self.
“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.”
~ Virginia Woolf


Online & Community Creative Learning Courses, Workshops, Groups & Retreats

Imagine time with other gals to laugh, learn, and create something unique. Or, create quietly as you reflect on things…. quiet respite is always welcome in our time together.

RobinLK Studios offers creative learning opportunities for women and girls aged 10-17. Online (Zoom) sessions make sessions accessible to U.S. residents. Join us as we explore 100% “do-able” art, creative writing, and success strategies – all guided by fun words + beautiful colors. 

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On Etsy - handmade journals by RobinLK Studios


Original Art, Handmade Journals & Cool Journal Supplies

What if you had a small piece of art or a favorite journal that made you smile every day? How lovely that would be!

RobinLK Studios is a small corner of the world where I spend many joyful hours creating beautiful things filled with soul, meant to inspire and empower you. Then, I add them to my Etsy shop where customers return often for unique ‘junk’ journals, cool curated journal supplies, and original mixed-media art (including digital downloads). Can we say “instant gratification”??  Oh, yes we can!