Welcome to RobinLK Studios!

Are you a woman exploring change? (Or, feeling stuck because the thought of change freaks you out??) Are you looking for a quiet respite, creative play, or collaborative learning?

I believe my calling is to support women who are navigating life’s crazy (and often, unexpected) changes, creatively.

Is that you? (It’s definitely me!)

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I work with women 15 – 50+. Here, we learn together… Explore. Discover. Try. Succeed. Sometimes Fail. And… try again. 🎔

Robin Le Roy-Kyle | RobinLK Studios

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Using words + colors to guide our process, let’s get you out of neutral and moving forward – on the road to living your best life. Ready?

Cool Stuff for Grownup Gals

Learning Communities

Creative workshops, retreats, and groups invite women (and a few men) to “play” through approachable art & writing, purposeful discovery, and human connections.

Self-Development & Coaching

I teach women ready to explore change how to use self-assessment, resources, and strategies to find clarity through focused learning, strategic thinking, purposeful discovery, connections & planning.


Digital & print resources support business growth + personal & professional success.

Established 2015

Hey, there! Great to ‘meet’ you!

RobinLK Studios was created out of a challenging life event in 2015.

Thankfully, mixed-media art ‘discovered me’ as I searched for a way to deal with life.

The power of “colors” became evident as paint, paper, and pastels replaced my missing words.

I still struggle with things. It’s life, right?! But I use writing & art, strategies, resources, and purposeful planning to figure things out.

And… I teach other women how to, too.


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A great cup of coffee doesn’t hurt either!

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3rd Act

Hi, I’m Robin, a U.S. Navy veteran and retired (I prefer “repurposed”!) educator (2021) who turned her side hustle and a ‘wish for something more fulfilling’ into a thriving creative small business with a focus on colorful, soulful, creative self-care, let’s do this learning, and goal-guiding personal growth built on resources + strategies.