Imagine overcoming self-limitations, exploring & defining your goals, and accomplishing what fills your heart and soul……

Now imagine using Creativity to do it.

I did it and you can, too!


Hi, I’m Robin!

I teach women ready for change and teen girls ready to slay goals how to use the Creative Process to develop knowledge, skills, and confidence to create their map for the life they dream of.

Knowledge is power?

You better believe it is!

Welcome to RobinLK Studios….. where words + colors guide the process and I firmly believe that learning should never, ever be boring. 


Online Courses


Need to upgrade your academic skills, work skills, or small biz know-how? Want to learn a fun art or writing technique?

Courses for grownup gals, teen/tween girls



handmade journal on a work table


Handmade Journals + Curated Journal Supplies


What if you had a small piece of art that you made you smile every day, a favorite journal with space to capture your life, or one-of-a-kind journal supplies found nowhere else?? I’ve got you covered! Visit my Etsy shop for All Things Awesome!  


Online Classes for Kiddos

Here it is! Find me over at Outschool, the cool place for kids to take online classes!

“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.” ~ Virginia Woolf

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