Welcome to RobinLK Studios – online space to nurture women navigating growth and life’s changes.

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Robin Le Roy-Kyle | RobinLK Studios

Grab your favorite beverage and have a look around. You’ll find online learning spaces and creative resources – including blog posts about life, learning, and creative curiosity – all designed to inspire and empower as words and colors guide our process.

I nurture women 15 – 50+ years ‘experienced’ as they seek creative chatter, quiet respite, personal growth, and clarity along with one-of-a-kind resources. We learn together.

Established 2015

RobinLK Studios was created out of a challenging life event in 2015. Thankfully, mixed-media art ‘found me’ as I searched for a way to deal with life.

I discovered the power of “colors” as paint, paper, and pastels replaced my missing words.

I still struggle with things. It’s life, right?! But I use writing & art, lots of strategy, and purposeful planning to help me figure things out. And… I teach others how to do the same. #selfcare

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A great cup of coffee doesn’t hurt either!

3rd Act

Since retiring early from public Education in 2021, I’m now enjoying my 3rd career as a small biz owner, writing, creating content + art, teaching, and coaching as I support women (and a few men) navigating life’s changes, challenges, and opportunities.

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Cool Stuff for Grownups

Using words + colors to guide our process, I provide creative ways to get you out of neutral and moving forward – on the road to living your best life. Ready? Let’s go!

Workshops|Courses |Groups

Creative workshops, retreats, and groups invite women (and men!) to “play” through approachable art & writing, purposeful discovery, and human connections.

How-to workshops and courses provide online learning space with a focus on small biz & Etsy seller 101, teacher support, art sessions for creative dabblers – in mixed-media art & creative writing


1:1 and group coaching

Mapping Past Maybe© teaches women Ready For Change how to find clarity through focused learning, strategic thinking, purposeful discovery, connections & planning.

Curated & Handcrafted Products

Handcrafted journals and curated journaling supplies offer a creative way to think, plan, and grow.

Digital & print resources support business growth, personal & professional success.