Clarity from Confidence… Strategically, Creatively, Purposefully

It’s time to discover your Why behind the How and live your best life.

Whether you’re 15 or 50+, retiring or starting out, a stay-at-home mom (or dad), a hustling mid-career go-getter, a teacher with questions including ‘what are my post-teaching options?’ or maybe a new/aspiring small biz owner, chances are good that you’re trying to figure things out.

We all are at some point, even if we don’t realize or acknowledge it. “Maybe someday,” we often say. Or, “I can’t do that. It’s too ______ (fill in the blank).” Sound familiar?


Hang out with me and together we’ll get you past imagining… on the way to a Life Plan that fits you best. I guarantee it.

Established in 2015, RobinLK Studios began in a tiny bedroom during a challenging life event. I was knee-deep in anger and fear when my writing voice – an outlet since childhood – fell silent. Words could not convey the overwhelm of those days. But…. my career still required I ‘show up’ every day. Life was going on…. with or without my input.

Thankfully, I stumbled into mixed-media art as I searched for a way to deal. Soon I discovered the power of art as a healing/coping tool as paint, paper, and pastels (along with dozens of other cool art supplies) replaced my words until they could return. (Turned out, it would be a while…)

For the next five years, “words + colors” helped me cope with the day-to-day of campus life and find clarity as I mapped out my Next Chapter.

Since then, RobinLK Studios has grown into a space defined by its creative approach to process, combining left brain strategic thinking with right brain intuitive energy as words + colors help identify goals, overcome speed bumps, and strategically map out Next Steps. It all starts with questions that lead to new thoughts…

Tiny thoughts grow… leading to self-care and self-confidence.



I see you. I am you. I was in your shoes…. Now I’m in flip flops (but still struggling with things…it’s life!)

The difference is – now I use words + colors, lots of strategy, and “some” patience to help me figure things out.

After serving 8 years in the Navy followed by 27 years of service to Florida’s students, their families, hundreds of fellow educators, and dozens of career professionals transitioning from industry into teaching in public Education , I took a strategic leap of faith in 2021 to begin a third career in small business ownership, a goal ten years in the making!

These days, I grow ideas, create things that make a difference, serve others with my God-given strengths and hard-learned skills, and take time daily for things that matter to my family and me. I am living my very best life… (Tip: It sure didn’t happen by accident or overnight!)

A peek inside…

  • Woman saying hello from her studio
  • coffee cup with writing notebook, book, and pen
  • watercolors on an art table
  • definition of coaching with pink and lavender flowers in the background
  • Central Florida workshops for women and girls by RobinLK Studios
  • six word story: they surround you broken but ferrocious
  • creative journal page with the words SHE WHISPERED
  • cover for mapping past maybe program
  • altered book journal from RobinLK Studios
  • etsy logo
  • navy boot camp graduation
  • teachers in a weekend PD
  • a winding road in north carolina
  • Magnetic Poetry
  • Pocket Remnants
  • Quote: Creativity is Subtraction
  • Quote: I must've said it wrong
  • Quote: Be a Fruit Loop
  • High school student writing at his desk
  • Reluctant reader settles in for independent reading
  • Left - Right Brain Graphic
  • Quote about Creativity
  • flowers and quote on music notes - mixed media art
  • found words stained and ready for use
  • Toni Morrison Quote
  • Kurt Vonnegut quote
  • cover of a book, how to write short, by roy peter clark
  • original drawing woman peeking out of brick wall
  • Quote: replace what if with hell yeah

Now I teach, coach, and support through the Studios, creating spaces and resources that teach how to use words & colors to find your WHY behind the HOW, work past your “Maybe,” and grow small businesses & their heart-driven owners.

Robin Le Roy-Kyle/2021
CoachingCommunityCreative LearningCreative ResourcesSmall Biz SupportTeacher Support

1:1 and group coaching + Robin’s signature program, Mapping Past Maybe© empower women (and a few men!) Ready For Change to find clarity through focused learning sprinkled with approachable creativity, planted in strategic thinking, and grown from purposeful discovery, connections & planning.

Online community space supports creative learning, business how-to, and success coaching through collaborative conversations.

Creative workshops, retreats, and groups invite women (and men!) to “play” through approachable art & writing, purposeful discovery, and human connections.

  • Handcrafted journals and curated journaling supplies offer a creative way to think, plan, and grow
  • Digital & print resources support business growth, personal & professional success
  • Basic business How-to teaches aspiring small biz owners
  • Writing services, content management, & web design support B2B

– designed to promote business growth with a heart-driven purpose.

During her 27-year career in public Education, Robin served in many roles: classroom teacher, New Teacher mentor, professional development creator/facilitator, and instructional coach. Now, she continues to serve fellow educators through teacher support designed for those still teaching and those considering a career change or retirement.

Ready to live your best life?

Download my free resources & explore creative spaces I’ve designed for your busy life. Then, reach out if you’re ready to explore and discover your very best life. I’m here, ready when you are.

Build or (Re)build your Etsy Shop  

Has your Etsy shop gotten a little dusty? Or, are you thinking about starting an Etsy shop, but not sure where to begin? I’ve got just the thing for you (and it’s free!)…. (oh, how I love that word!)

Designed for new and rebuilding Etsy shop owners… created to save you hundreds of hours that it took me to figure out All The Things. Download your copy , let me know if you have any questions, and check to see if there’s an Etsy 101 workshop coming up. Always happy to help!

a list of art supplies and tools

Art & Journaling Supplies and Tools

Do you have favorite art & journaling supplies and tools? Me, too!

These are my go-to favorites – always at the ready and essential to making my mixed-media art and handcrafted journals.

Download your copy and let me know what you think if you try a new supply or tool!

handcrafted journal and black gel pen

Creative space to write it down, get it out, list it, hide it, dream it, plan it…

My Life Story© journals, curated journaling supplies, and mixed-media art are collected for their creative inspiration. Items are originals, limited, and sell quickly. See what’s available today

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Online space designed to teach, connect, and inspire

Online workshops, courses, and programs designed to embrace community learning, develop & deepen skills, and dig into the Why? behind the How. Workshop registration is open. Tap the LEARN tab to learn more.

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