Mapping Past Maybe

A course for women exploring Change

a compass with a woman's face and a quote along with a course title Mapping Past Maybe: A Course for Women Ready for Change
source: Robin Le Roy-Kyle ©2021

Are you unsure about what you want to do, but you KNOW it’s not what you’re doing now?

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Imagine having confidence from clarity.

Imagine having a strategic, purposeful, time-driven plan for your Next Chapter.

Imagine learning from a gal who, despite her fears and self-doubt— created her plan, did the work to figure things out, and took the leap. (and only wishes she had done it sooner!)

Imagine having a support network, resources in one place, and access to an online coach when you have questions.

Now imagine not having to imagine any longer. Imagine mapping past your “Maybe” toward the life you were made for. Want to learn more and find out what other women are discovering as they take part in mapping their own future in an online ‘hybrid’ course with me?

Grab your favorite beverage and tap HERE to visit Room 405, my online learning space for women 15 – 50+.

Exciting News!

Spring 2022 Update: Coming soon! More Mapping Past Maybe™ format options: Prefer to start with a guide? How about a one-hour, live, online workshop? Ready for the hybrid coaching program?

I’m expanding my signature hybrid coaching program into three formats to meet YOU where you are today.

collage image of features in Room 405, RobinLK Studios online learning platform
source: Robin Le Roy-Kyle
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