Bring a friend. Come by yourself. Leave your day-to-day behind for a few hours. Or a few days.

This is time for YOU. Clear your mind. Dream. Plan. Write. Relax as you reflect and rediscover YOU.

p.s. Your host is a bonafide introvert who totally understands the need for quiet time and space. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! You’ll be in good company by a gal who gets it! 🙂

Local and Travel Retreats


Designed to get you out of your own environment for a few hours. No distractions. Just YOU time.  

Retreats encourage creative exploring, discovery, rediscovery, and personal/professional growth.

Words + colors guide our process. 

Location: Central Florida  

Adventures are being planned!


How about a road trip with a small group of gals to great locations?

Imagine a serene U.S. location for inspired writing, a cool art workshop, or a fun destination with great food, funky shopping, and space to create.

Words + colors guide our process. 

Open to travel guests who know or have worked with Robin.

Locations, number of days, and rates will vary.

Small groups of ten or fewer

Where will we go next?