found words stained and ready for use

Using ‘Found Words’

found words coffee-stained and ready for use

‘Found Words’ offer ideas to help you write creatively

Do you shy away from writing because you feel like you’ve got nothing to say? “Found” words are an easy and fun way to start a poem or a short story. They’re also easy to find.

How to find & use ‘found words’ in 5 steps:

Step 1: Open a magazine, discarded book, or newspaper. Make sure you’ve got teeny-tiny, extra-sharp scissors at the ready.

Step 2: Let your eyes scan the pages.

Step 3: Notice which words your eyes land on. Don’t force it.

Step 4: Cut the words and phrases.

Step 5: Get ready! It’s time to write.

Choose one or more words that speak to you and spark an idea. Glue them onto your page. Then, begin writing. It’s that simple. Let the words flow from head & heart to hand. Don’t overthink or censor yourself. Happy writing!

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