Working on your writing habit?

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Working on your writing habit? Write with us!

Select the time and way that fits you.

Wednesday Writing Groups (the Quick Write Club)

Want to join us and work on your writing/journaling habit?

Wednesday Writing Groups are open to grown-up gals 18+ looking for a friendly, safe, writing community.

UPDATE: To celebrate Year 3 of Wednesday Writing Groups and as we welcome 2023, I’ve added three new times to the original sessions.

Beginning Jan 4, 2023, a writing group is available at 5, 8, 11 AM, and 2:00 PM EST every Wednesday (unless closed and waitlisted). See note below. Seats are limited to 8 per session.

Before registering, please read the Community Rules below. WWG/Quick Write Club is a safe, private community & violators are removed.

IMPORTANT: After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions and Zoom links to choose your time of day.

Why join the Quick Write Club?

small, safe, supportive community

access to 16 – 20 writing sessions per month

online accountability group (we notice when community members are missing!)

online writing/journaling coach

resources, including new journaling prompts every month

resource recommendations (books, podcasts, tools, etc…)

BONUS: cheaper than therapy but “nearly” as effective

NOTE: The 2 PM session is currently unavailable. Join the waitlist to be notified when it opens.

Don’t forget to read the Community Rules.

To maintain privacy & comfort for all writing group attendees, teen and young adult writers are invited to register for a Teen/Young Adult Writing Group (ages 16 – 20) when it opens.

white table top with coffee cup, notebook, and words to join the Quick Write Club on Wednesdays

What group members are saying…

  • I can’t believe where my brain goes when I start writing each week!
  • Oh, that’s a good book! You’ll like that one!
  • Oh my gosh! I had this idea as I was writing today!
  • I’m so glad to have this time and space.
  • You made my week! Thank you.
  • I needed this!

Community Rules

Our writing community is a safe space for friends who join us to write, talk, and reflect. As we continue to grow, rules have become necessary. Violators will be removed.

Serve don’t sell. No direct or indirect self-promotion of your programs, groups, or services. This includes links to your site or social media profiles, unsolicited PMs, and invites to your groups or services.

Show up. “Community” happens when humans show up for each other—we make time for our group, attend regularly, and contribute purposefully. Be a good human. Show up. ♥️

No market research or pirating content. You may not use this group to conduct market research for your own products and services or to take copyrighted content for resale, redistribution, or another business purpose.

No affiliate links. You may share a tool, program, or service that you love and use, but please no affiliate links.

Have fun! Share your wins, questions, and challenges. Support others, seek support and most of all make progress on your writing habit.

Not ready to join, but want more info? Visit the WWG Visitor page here for FAQs.

Looking for other ways to work on your writing habit? Tap the images below for great resources built just for you.

On-Your-Own Writing

Get your copy of my new writing/journaling guide, Personal Writing Prompts: 12 Activities to Kick-start Your Writing Habit by clicking here or on the image.

cover of workbook Personal Writing Prompts 12 Activities to Kick-start Your Writing
flyer for the quick write club hosted on Instagram by robinlk studios

On-the-Go Writing

Pause during your day to write for a few minutes, then share with us on IG using the hashtag #quickwriteclub. Be sure to follow it to see what/how/where others are writing, too.

I created the on-the-go part of the #quickwriteclub for Instagram users. (tap the link to see how/where folks are writing on the go)

Read a fun post on writing short (and quick) that I shared in 2014 here.

5-Day Journaling Challenge

I’d love to journal, but... I don’t have time… I don’t have anything to say… I can’t write anything others will see…”

I hear all sorts of reasons why you CAN’T journal. No excuses! I created a 5-day challenge designed to be easy, fun, purposeful, “do-able” (15 minutes a day or less), and… to get you past your reasons for NOT journaling.

The 5-Day Journal Buffet offers you CHOICES (just like a yummy food buffet!)— 5 days and 7 ways to write for 15 minutes or less.

Get your copy of my free workbook for this challenge and join us for an interactive 5-day event. Watch my Instagram account @ robinLKstudios for event dates.

FB users, you can find announcements under the hashtag #5dayjournalbuffet – shared through my personal account (limited access). Click here or on the image to download your copy when the next challenge opens.

cover image of the 5-day journaling buffet challenge hosted by robinLK studios
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