Quick Write Club Community Rules

Our writing community is a safe space. Violators will be removed. By registering, you understand and agree to the community rules.

Focus on the purpose. Joining our writing community means you want to work on your writing/journaling habit.

Be kind. Be kind. Be respectful. Contribute purposefully.

Show up. “Community” happens when humans show up for each other—we make time for our group, attend regularly, and contribute purposefully. Be a good human. Show up. ♥️

Support. We are here to develop our writing/journaling habit. Support others, seek support, and most of all— make progress on yours.

Serve don’t sell. No direct or indirect promotion of your programs, groups, services, or others. This includes links to sites or social media profiles, unsolicited PMs, and invites to your groups or services.

No market research or pirating content, or adding links. You may not use this group to conduct market research for your own products & services, take copyrighted content for resale, redistribution, or another business purpose, or promote other links.