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    Say it with Confidence

    little girl with sunglasses

    “What do you write?” she asked. How could I say it with confidence, I wondered. Standing in the bustling bookstore on Indie Bookstore Day, I searched for an answer for the young woman who introduced herself by way of our connection, “I saw you on LWS.” “Really?!” I was surprised. I wondered to myself, In an online group of international writers, what are the chances of two of us being in the same county? It…

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    Overcoming Maybe and Understanding Failing

    woman standing in jacket and looking up at mountains thinking about overcoming Maybe and understanding failing

    “Maybe.” It’s such a loaded word, isn’t it? Both promise and defeat. Overcoming “Maybe” and understanding failing sounds crazy, but it is SO powerful that I took an entire afternoon to write this blog post. “Maybe” holds us back. “Maybe” is damn difficult to overcome. “Maybe” threatens to derail us. It is many things to many people. But every “Maybe” has this roadblock in common: our thinking. “Maybe” is a mindset. “Maybe” is our own…

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    Use ‘Found Words’ to Write Creatively

    found words stained and ready for use

    ‘Found Words’ offer ideas to help you write creatively Do you shy away from writing because you feel like you’ve got nothing to say? “Found” words are an easy and fun way to start a poem or a short story. They’re also easy to find. How to find & use ‘found words’ in 5 steps: Step 1: Open a magazine, discarded book, or newspaper. Make sure you’ve got teeny-tiny, extra-sharp scissors at the ready. Step…