• Learning

    Ripping off the Band-Aid: A WordPress Redesign

    black and white image Please Pardon Our Appearance

    Making the leap from WP [dot] com to [dot] org…. one 10-layered step at a time. Holy moly! Have you ever decided to make the leap into something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but were so bat-shit scared of it that you avoided it waaaaaaaaay too long?…

  • Life,  Writing

    Words and Colors, Spilling

    word bits and color splatters

    They spill around me… onto the floor, the table… Words and colors. Messages, recognizable? Maybe. There are no blank pages… here. No blank canvases. Just words and colors… spilling. Tiny messages… peeking out. Screaming. Whispering. Laughing, even. My soul speaks. Can you hear her? Do you care? Maybe. Or not.…

  • Life

    Pivoting Toward Home: When Writing Finds You Again

    medium.com description and logo

    When writing finds its way back into your life, you make room for the words and sharpen your pencil. Writers gonna write… right? But we want an audience since the reason we write is to share ideas. Thankfully, Medium.com found its way back in front of my face late last…